Holes In His Hands

19488951_10211635172808379_4381629397380128972_oThrough the holes in His hands my heart was healed.
To be like him means
I’ve got to let it all go
Beyond the madness
Beyond the tears

Walk past the chains
Walk through the fears.
To begin the process of going
You must first let it all go

Like waterfalls of grace
Glory light of Mercy
Shining straight through.
Bring me through the fire

Hold me with heaven’s grip
Bring from the North
Your lightning rod of truth
Let heaven’s fire, wind, water and earth
become a wave of quantified love
No force would begin or attempt to hold back
Let me be one with you like an electrified wind with its soaring flowing kite

An agent of synergy
Consumed with our energy
Your frequency and vibe
Take me past this times 10 or more
Open up ones 2 heaven’s door
The Ephesians more
I want to know the taste
I want to see your face
Like butterflies dancing
I see life anew arise
The hole in your hands
Remind me
I cannot carry the pains that I feel so deep
When I walk the streets of compassion and see humanity’s disgrace
My heart pours with mercy
Tears can hardly contain
The discrepancy of the love represented by those who speak your name
Swollow up, my God, the abyss of humanity’s shame
Hold me in your hands of time
Guard my heart with your hands of love
Consume me with your love Divine
Till every part of me
in you
I find
That I would first learn who you are In me
That I would have the capacity
To see
Through the holes in your hands
You heal the wounds too big for man
From the depravity of darkness
An empty song
It releases a weapon in the minds of a
mind that’s reactive – flight/fight
Just do it
live in the realm of a Reactivivious Land
If you think you can then do, because Heaven’s all about you
It the counterfeit worst
It’s a self killing knife
If we dare to sing together
separated by hidden contention
be like me and stive
Bring your Song oh Lord
One that reflects your face
Past the feel good place
New Songs knocking as you send or our oil
Let the Butterflies of life
Fly Though our inner depths
The place in our beings where Heaven and earth collide
Where you, my Majestic King
and your love abide
Where darkness less and dare not hide
You bring forth a light
a presence
a love
of which every and all
matters of existence must swim and flow
The water of his love, word made true
Spring up, oh well
The one in me, the one in you
In the darkest time or most feared time or night
You pull me into the place of “I am”
Which is who you are
I’m brought to see as I experience
That the sword that you carry
Firey fire more than hot to the touch
A love that echoes through the dimensional paradoxes I can it understand
Like the breast plate of your dove
Insigned on my soul and heart from my Father’s hand of love.
Make me into who I’ve always been
Show me the world through my surrender
You are not what you do
Is the starting point that positions heaven’s move through you
Bring upon your people,
The ones who know our name,
An all consuming fire
Filled the Fathers heart’s desire
Let us not rest until we learn your heart
Let us never win a win without the voice of your heart beating in oneness live likened melted into you.
Let us make love not contemplation
Let us be free to discuss whether we have a pedigree or heart of God that’s free
Whether my name on earth worth’s nothing but a nickel
Awaken your church from being fickle
Let money not be our mark of truth
And tickles to our flesh and heart, mind not be what we market as your glory
Bring forth the key
Open heaven’s annointeds’ eye to see
Let us see Through the holes in your hands, Jesus
Or did we forget you’re more than my feel good toy
Less I reduce you to by/of the universe
To my toy army man
To a delusion in head
Let never they the author Love
He has holes in his hands for me, see

Disciplines of Christ

20292904_10211932841689915_2676207561435016533_n“The words I speak are not my own ”
Jesus said
and I get that.
So much to say but when I write it’s never about my need, my want or even what I think. It’s the word of the Lord I feel, taste, smell, touch, moving around alive in me. 
Jesus became the living word.
I suppose a follower of Jesus might want to pursue the disciplines of Christ in addition to the touchy, feel-good, yum yum of Christianity.
Jesus waits
Father waits
Holy Spirit waits
If you’re ONE with Christ and you aren’t willing to wait on the Lord,
You might want to check your oneness meter.
Maybe plug it in. It will work better plugged into to the power source.
Waiting is…
the process of a Son or Daughter of the Most High God, following the King of Kings. Lead by the Holy Spirit, revealing the heart and will of the Father who is willing to listen, hear, discern, choose and then choose to do nothing else until the hands of time call forth the next step. It’s the silent, hidden yet completely visible side of Synergy that commands us to come into alignment with who we are and soak in the wisdom we have been fed till We intimately know the ONE who feeds us.

So much more but I hear…. take a sip and rest my daughter. Do you like this woodsy taste, dry crisp and fruity?
Savor, sip, enjoy. So I shall

Simply Be

18738705_10211348194314096_4025868244418484144_oClose these eyes to sleep this night
Heart heavy
the world it needs to wait.
Dare to take a chance
Dare to sing
Dare to dance
Close your eyes rest your weary head
Be still my child is all He said
So I rest my head in this uncertain place
Knowing Jesus won the victory in this.race
I live to stand w Him face to face
Nothing else.really matters to me
Than to live a life of love full
To be free
But only after I learn how to in all things simply be

I hear I Am

18738899_10211348395799133_3518424291430009803_oTruth love
They go hand in hand
Worship relentlessly
It’s not a show to say look at me
It’s my only offering
It’s all I have to give
You say I’m wrong
That I hear him not
I’m am not a freak
I know proper prodigal
I have chosen
Reckless abandonment
Because I believed God was who He said He was. H
e IS. He always Will be
I’ll be HIS FOOL
He said I was one with Him
Yet you say I don’t hear him
That I could look like you
Then I guess I’ll get your real love
Not your empty words
There is now, therefore, no condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus
Not even for me.
My crime
My punishment
Isn’t the mess I sit in
I’m not sitting here waiting to learn how to be
No I hear clearly
It will my God
My God who delivers me from the snare and the traps set before me for I am not my own.
I am a woman of honor
Maybe not declared and honored among men but definitely by my Father
Who holds my joys and sorrows equally.
He even holds my times, seasons and breakthroughs.
In him shall I trust.

So Much Grander Than Simply Me

cropped-13124736_10207977193001170_202932454708452941_n.jpgFather of kindness
Giver of mercy
I sing to you a song
A song of love Divine
A song of which no mere mortal
On his own accord shall find
How can I speak of a feeling like so grand
You balance the world between the space of each hand
Giver of glory
The kindness like no other
Sweeter than a newborn baby to its mother
I rest
I know
Hunger burning
Zekis Wheels turning
Faster faster
Round and round we go
To the When and where till of the hands of time begin
Living the life where it’s not about the win
Morning dew dancing presongs of jubilee
Feel like a new song is arisen in me
Sing sing sing a song that has no sound
For music is where ever light is found
Lift your head oh yea gates
Let King of Kings Glorious one
Enter in
The Hands of Time play a click click click melody
Cause it’s so much grander than simply me

Rags to Glory Dress

13938191_10208705910698657_5339311282974794729_oWalking down the path
I remember pain
no more
But yet
He takes me
He speaks without words of man
but still I hear him
loudly through out each cell I am
let me show you
the difference
between good and fair

Crying in the dust
She lays there
Bruised knees
Cuts on her head
Yet I can’t miss
the deep desperate aching
hunger in her eyes
so many chains
Bolts and metal
so thick
in mason
No trees
no beauty
no grass
Poison for her porton
Strapped down
having her dreams cut out of her
Devine mutilation
Jaws ripped open
put in a vice
Head born of glory
now filled w lice
Left no more is life
Beaten broken
Rollerskates of life
kick violently
into her mind

Why am I here
What shall I find
Who is this girl
Why does she cry
Why ugly words darkly
scribbled over the face of
her beauty
Why can’t she fly

No sunlight
No air
It makes no sense
It’s just not fair
Outraged I become

She’s face down
Her hair’s a mess
Tears and tears and more tears
Potato sack dress of soot
soaked in fears
Lord stop the Hands of time
forever in this place
Human disgrace

A whisper in the wind say blow heavens wish on her
And I do.
I pick up the cries of my heart in the form of a weed and as I blow it my heart cry is heard
Like fireflies of light dancing in the air
Ushering the one who holds the truths of good and fair
In a moment a light flickers in the room
In walks.the king The bridegroom
Such mercy
Such grace
He lifts out his hand
He says without a voice
The music starts to play
The beat moves her feet
Music moves
Music sweeps in with the fog of glory
Music sings to her a song she’s not heard
Revelation come forth birthed out of hopes cry
When heaven declare death o not this day
I hear the King of musicing to her with melody in tunes that move the depth of who I know myself to be
He says with the string and a key
you had the wrong picture to the story
He moves in this King who is music.
His emotion a melody that captivates my soul
Flowing through me like fire contained
In the face of all that is distant
He took the cup of poison and he drank it. I wanted to scream no
Please no My King please stop
Don’t you know that will kill you
Don’t you know it holds.deaths.sting
It was for me to wear that ring
Alone in the room
With the girl who lost her song
I cried for this little girl
Emotion stirred in my heart
The red sea of her world began to part
The music began to beat again
I don’t understand it
It makes no sense to me
Who is this King
Who pours a new cup of wine.
This love its Devine
Up from the friend she rises
Angels carrying her
She hops on the white horse of lightening in the highest degree
As he rides her on the wings of her dreams
Breath of breath and life of all lives
Rushing through her soul
Faith arises
Mercy floods
Fire storms eternal
Beauty arise to your song
When her feet touch the clouds
She is crowned w the King of Fire
Face.down in a whole new way
Storms of his furry coming alive
Love gift to a world that has lost its heartbeat
In human skin with the.King of Fires.feet
Lightning fills the sky
Rainbows sideways and upside down
Raining glory
Raining freedom
Raining heaven in this place
Beat by beat the drums roll on
The string of His harp have begun to play
Heaven’s new day
Realities dream
When yesterday meets today
And shakes peace with all that Was and Is and Is to be until its free
Free to melt into Love and walk into today. Knowing TOMORROW is.heavens.reply
The question to your answer is Will you Be love? Will you choose to die? Will you lay down everything you think you know that fear says you must hold so tight? Will you let go?
Will you let me love you? Will you let me drink away my all your opinion?
Will you fly high into the dreams that Were and are and will always be
Will you let go of the pain
The lies
The chains?
Will you let your gift to me trust
No for man
They aren’t ready yet
Pace by pace step by step I will walk you out of this mess
It’s not you
Do you hear me
You know
You feel
You know its all a lie
So don’t get up
Stay down
Please be.the fighter that knows its time to quit
Stay down
Do you hear me
Don’t.get up
Put your face down
It’s time to be
No more this-that
Run here run there
No more stuffing because
There’s no more room
Let me drink the cup of this wrath says the King of love to you
Please just call out w all the pain and only one drop of hope
Heaven floods through
Angelic music thunderous moves me in a.way I can not speak
God lifts the humble He carries the meek
Melt into your glory
Don’t you know heaven’s love song is calling you
Do you know it’s your freedoms. Victory day
Raindrops and giggles fills this place
So lost in the flood of his goodness
Forgot about the race
Surrender is where the glory is found
And his glory is His expression of His heart for you.
Your right God
I see now the difference between good nd fair
Thank you.
Your a promise keeper
You never ever let go of us
Even when we think were the mess
You give us rags for glory dress

Music Box Dancer

919674_10200427451302346_750029631_o.jpgMusic box dancer
Your story has not been erased
From the one who gives the pen to hold
from the lips of the Father your story will be told.
There’s a reason for everything oh don’t you know
The hands of time and begun to wind
The hand that holds the clicks has set into motion the turn of every gear
For the time the hour the moment of your destiny unveiled is near
Seek me and you will find me
You must Close your eyes to see
Music box dancers movements of glory
Nothing left to barter nothing left to trade
Surrenders sweet song of victory is won
Found in the eyes of the heart buried deep within the son
The lion of Judah He guards this place in which I get to go
My upside down world of truth of which few even know
Where the music box dancers get to go.
Where the hands of time stand still until forever
What dreams are birthed
Creativity and invention born. Scrolls rolled out into the doors of past defeat
Gold dust of heaven melted into the souls of your feet
The dance of today is no longer retreat
So pick up your toes wiggle them if u can do that to
And let the KING OF GLORY flow through you
You were born to shine so shine

River of Life and Glory

774906_10207475625942307_8471039174558778756_oWhy preach
Why teach
Why work
Why stand
Why eat
Why drink
Why speak
Why engage

This river of life I’ve found in the midst of this desert land has digested me in glory. Like rushwaters of exuberance I feel the life force and the melodic autumn that calls me home. Centered still everything evaporates dissipates then infuses in love goodness joy of all joys washes over like a masterful of simplicity I breathe in the morning dew. The sunshine dances like a firefly at the break of day. All of creation asks, “Will it be today?”

Will the sons and daughter arise…
So we must
preach beyond words at people
teach by how we live each moment
work because we were born to create
stand because we are a city on a hill
eat because His menu is divine
drink beyond never thirst again
speak because His words bless our mouths
engage because it’s who we have become
One with one who is one with all
To know God is to live fully alive

Getting Out of Your Mind

14718598_10209313618730978_615877636178265891_nFlip it upside down to see it right side up… It’s an upside down fairytale.

What does out of your mind really mean?

It’s the ultimate fear really, isn’t it? To be out of one’s mind. But what if to reach – become – unlock – release the essence of your heart song – the melody your life – was to create, to sing? What if to access it… You have to step outside your own thinking into another realm where thinking is flow and communication is molecular and absorbed information through sound

What if to access it… You have to step outside your own thinking into another realm? Where thinking is flow and communication is molecular. Where information gets absorbed through sound waves. If light slowed down and was absorbed into our being.

Light through sound. God is light. Communication is all around us. He speaks to us in many ways. Feel him.

Go outside your mind. Let go. Absorb heaven.
It’s what’s inside of you.
Heaven flows through the veins of those who become melted, rushing love.

What a joy to be out of one’s mind.
Though set a timer to bring you back to reality if you fully let go. lol


Breath of All Breaths

18222553_10211145333522703_1220152630856933147_nBreathe of all breaths.
Depth of all depths
Song of all songs
Alive splashing jubilee

Playful buoyance melting molten glory emerging
Amongst the chaos
The leaves rustle
Crackling the cracks where light needs to shine
Penetrating the rays
Particles of light
Clouds of glory
Painted prisms of the Fathers heart like crystal
Dangling echoing
Within the mirrors of my soul
Kissed by heaven