5 Fold, Inside Out

13958137_10208705928939113_3169722780804904504_oBeen really contemplating the Macro 5-fold so much lately.
I don’t look at what’s wrong. I don’t watch tv read newspapers or do news. I listen to God love the person in front of me and I look at what’s right, but as I look at a world in chaos I think we first have to have a generalized idea of a starting point

1. the church
It’s paranoid fear of inviting real connection outside the barbie club of who’s whos and celebrity status. It’s marketing 101 to get a seat at the table you need to look the part and have gone to the right school to say you indeed are a leader, unless you have all the glitter and glam in the natural , all the cool tools, name drops or positioning that says to the haves…”yes, wow you’re favored by God, sit with us.” It’s viewing of itself mirrored. Translating GOD as the self-proclaimed supreme authority to the world, offering free and moderate priced instruction on how to govern through rules of behavior instead of laws of physics. Thus guaranteeing by cause and effect and the laws of gravity a long term supply of “Look what I did” experiences. Helping others to demonstrate just how ok they are now… until they aren’t.
It’s what happens when you read books that change the definition of what love is. Good loving people think they are loving but in reality they have no intent to actually estabish real relationship which says “I value you” past a smile, a word and a hug at church.

2. The government
It’s conflict of interest with big business, movers and shakers globally. Its fear of and need to squash individualism and the entrepreneur. Fear of those who really can choose. The scary part is the use of fear to manipulate and trigger flight or fight response that overload the body with chemistry, rendering it unable to process logic. They create chaos in exchange for fear and deliver the relief of not having to think or problem solve. First overwhelm and then declare, “We know best you don’t need to think. You’re not capable, we will think for you, it’s ok.”

3. The imbalance in economics that has become parasitic. It really is cannibalism of humanity.

4. The social systems that treat the antecedent which is the mess and then points the finger to the person and says. “NO, you are the mess and here’s our rules of behavior to help you cope with the torment better because there is no real answer. Sorry. I wish I could say more but if you jump through all these hoops we will give you hope only to say sorry but…”

5.The family is so disconnected. Believing that love is a bedroom, a house, a car, a shopping spree. Family time as people on devices not talking till its lights out. Where different means you suck and get it right or go. It’s is more the normal than the exception. Where love has become, what are you going to buy or do for me?

I’d so like to have a conversation if I could only get an invite to the table.
I dont want to talk about what’s wrong.
I want to talk about real solutions that God has taught me. Wish someone had eyes to see and ears to hear and believed a woman with nothing had something so substaial to give the world. That they would invest in me like they do in estabilished ministers and public speakers.
A day will come when I will be invited to speak. When they say, “we saw you, Linda. Tell us what God has put in you.”

I will thank them and then I will go to the most broken person in the church and I will sit in front of them with the mike and I will say, “those who are crushed like grapes are the closest to the Father while being crushed. He is with the broken hearted so you have the most to give us. What is the Father saying to you? What wisdoms are you learning? Jesus said the first shall be last. Let me honor you and drink from your deep well. WIll you teach us your heart song today?”

No religion, no platforms, no hierarchy means you don’t need to control the image; that God values all and everyone equally has something to give. One body means all parts not just approved ones have something to say and that polished is beneficial for marketing but authentic and raw and real – that’s what leads the kingdom

I merely write what Holy Spirit puts on my heart. I’ve enter into oneness with God who got off his throne to enter into the matrix of His creation. He has called us to Him not the other way around with all of creation and God coming to the churcI’m Im not trying to go the wrong way and be seen in the church, but I do desire to shift the power and paradymn. Move beyond changing the words and great ideas which encompasses the beatitudes and brings tangible love in action to a world in need.

Waiting for Green

18699558_10211335194709114_4257591809051096885_oI always feel weird when I flow so much and just go w what’s flowing.
I think it’s a soul sensory from literally almost (key word almost) every person I’ve ever met telling me I talk too much.
Or that I ramble and say nothing.
That’s a lie.
After riding a metaphoric long water slide tube of flow through words, I see that I experience the aftertaste of shame trying to sneak in as a late night snack after a great meal.
People who are kind and care come up w tips of how I can improve like they did. Grace and mercy have been love’s bodyguards in my heart to stay in connection so unseen in is perfect brewing of waiting in His oneness as it becomes mine for His glory, not mine and because it’s for him and it’s not for me His laws of order bring it to me.
It’s beautiful dance of humility.
I’ve been told flowing is imbalance rude and dishonoring of others. That I need to learn to control it but I know the opposite is true. I get to Thank those who truly celebrate me and encourage me reminding me truth. Thank You, Father Jesus and Holy Spirit for always reminding me I’m not the mess or the residual. Thank you for telling me truth, that the mess and residual are organized chaos, a tool to position me and propel me into my destiny which is to be love.
I must say thank you to those key people God has used in my life to love me well without teaching but being so I could learn from my Papa and belief. You are fuel to life. I must also equally Thank those who followed evils lie and chose to be used by God. How many really really know God’s not in control of everything but He holds all things so in essence. He’s control as we are to be. You see he holds.all things in balance and allows your chaos he permitted to stimulate growth. Thank you for being u
I wouldn’t be here without other of you.
I bless you and I ask God to let Glory Light Fall on u

These days I sail the high seas of glory with God. The water is His love
The whisper in the wind is His voice
The ground That I walk on is the shoulders of the Lion of Judah
With all I know and that’s a lot
Though most of it I did not earn by reading, studying or perfecting disciplines.
One night w the King changes everything.
I remember 6 months ago.
I told him, God. I need a opportunity.
I told him, God, they say its green till red.
He laughed. He said it can be.
I was so serious
And not thrilled w the lack of serious God had in such a serious matter.
God, I thought, Stop playing around. Don’t you know they are all saying get a job?
God I need to get going I’m almost 50
My daughters 11.
7 years homeless God???
Are you listening? Do you hear me?
I was so angry at God.
I was.
He.said sit in a bathroom in the dark w Jason Uptons.4 songs playing 24/7 on headphones
He picked and do nothing all day.
No car
No friends
No job
No phone
No home
No business
No ministry
I was like no, That’s not you, God. They are saying go go go
Build, create
The Father responds with opening up the eyes of His heart.
I cried on my face for my world my friends my family my church and my Fathers longing heart for all his children all his creation for 3 weeks.
I heard it said this way, “Do you ever feel like your a screaming toddler and Gods saying take a nap?”
Yep those were His.words.
Mine were fIve got things to do God. For you. For your people for my daughters for my kids for my grandkids Don’t you see the lack?
He says red till green
I said, Be quiet devil
God says I’m no devil without a word.
He says to me “If you want to build your own path. It is permissible.”
“You can build great things. Especially using your gifts you’re equipped; you know. Its all there.”
“It’s true”
“Create, create, create”
“Be blessed. My laws, laws of order, work, period, with or without me. What is is and will always be but be Careful you don’t rush in a build a castle that by the nature of things will have to fall.”
“I Am the Lord of understanding; The path to all.”
“Sit and do nothing with me. Why do you think it’s a waste of time?”
Because I’ve got to shift this God, fulfill my potential so I can be.
He laughs again playfully, reaches out his hand and touches my heart.
Then He says, So what do you think is more genetically aligned: going out there and getting it done or sitting here with the one who in a second can give you ideas that will change the world?

3 more months of nothingness and I’m in love. Wrecked.
I know about physics, science, wisdom I didn’t earn or study. 6 months on my face locked in a bathroom sitting in the dark with God. Willing to say, “your ways God ?????”
Even my understanding of surrender I had to surrender.
Read a book. Watch a video. Take a class. Build a bridge. Build a house or an empire, if you will
But before you quantify a value and classify something as good or bad right or wrong. . . I beseech you to ask first, What’s your win?
Mine isn’t anything other than 100 percent Being spirit led
living a life of excellence
Dressed in beauty
Girded in His power
Held with truth and love in perfect peace which is found in his understanding which is only obtained through surrender which results in balance and fruits are the Ephesians more.
I gave up my kingdom. It was a good kingdom. It wasn’t bad at all.
It was a path not good or bad right or wrong.
I’m on a different path now.
Its a path Gods laying down.
Its a path where I run
He lays the track
He sets the scene
He brings the players
And I love, listen and wait
Knowing He holds the hands of my time and I’m not running out.
He says run the race set before you.
You get to choose whether you set it before you or He does. He loves you either way.
Red till green isn’t easy.
Being honest
But the person you will find yourself to be when He says green will be one you’ll want to run the race with.
The race you are running is against yourself. He’s out to undo you so He can give you His heart. His power. His understanding. But you can choose to run a race against others and say look at me.
It’s just not Benifical.
The reason we run a race against ourself is because the only finish line is surrender.
Surrender, seesaw or propeled to victory.
Knowing Jesus

10 Bible Verses

1 Corinthians 9:24
Verse Concepts
Do you not know that those who run in a race all run, but only one receives the prize? Run in such a way that you may win.

Galatians 2:2
Verse Concepts
It was because of a revelation that I went up; and I submitted to them the gospel which I preach among the Gentiles, but I did so in private to those who were of reputation, for fear that I might be running, or had run, in vain.

Galatians 5:7
Verse Concepts
You were running well; who hindered you from obeying the truth?

Philippians 2:16
Verse Concepts
holding fast the word of life, so that in the day of Christ I will have reason to glory because I did not run in vain nor toil in vain.

Philippians 3:14
Verse Concepts
I press on toward the goal for the prize of the upward call of God in Christ Jesus.

Hebrews 12:1
Verse Concepts
Therefore, since we have so great a cloud of witnesses surrounding us, let us also lay aside every encumbrance and the sin which so easily entangles us, and let us run with endurance the race that is set before us,

2 Timothy 4:7
Verse Concepts
I have fought the good fight, I have finished the course, I have kept the faith;

2 Timothy 4:8
Verse Concepts
in the future there is laid up for me the crown of righteousness, which the Lord, the righteous Judge, will award to me on that day; and not only to me, but also to all who have loved His appearing.

1 Corinthians 9:24-27
Do you not know that those who run in a race all run, but only one receives the prize? Run in such a way that you may win. Everyone who competes in the games exercises self-control in all things They then do it to receive a perishable wreath, but we an imperishable. Therefore I run in such a way, as not without aim; I box in such a way, as not beating the air; read more.
Hebrews 12:2
Verse Concepts
fixing our eyes on Jesus, the author and perfecter of faith, who for the joy set before Him endured the cross, despising the shame, and has sat down at the right hand of the throne of God.


New lenses to see thru?
New mindsets to try on maybe they fit better?

Rules of behavior to control and manipulate “behavior” the fruit”?
Verses, Law of order which governs the universe and how God holds all things in balance?

The trunk of the tree of life stands before you tall like a scale with its branches extended to you to reach out and grab for a reason.

Will you grab a ladder and stretch up high and reach far up to grab the fruit and go make pie to eat?

Will you grab a ladder and stretch up high and reach far up to grab the fruit and go make pie to give a friend?

Will you grab a ladder and stretch up high and reach far up to grab the fruit and go make pie to give one who has no tree?

Will you grab a ladder and stretch up high and reach far up to grab fruit and go make pie and give to a foe?

Or will you sit under the shade of the beautiful tree resting through the heat of the day, listening to the song its leaves sing to you and dream with the clouds and say, Thank You Tree.
And wait for the tree to give u the bushel of apples?
It’s not right/wrong
You or me

What race are u running?
Who’s race are u running?
Run by all means run
But know in order to run you must first be able to sit.
A telltale sign you’re ready to run
You don’t need too run

#Avoid Being Hindered
#Heavenly Rewards
#Hindrances are gifts
#Holy Ambition says sit when you want to run
#Life By God’s Word instead of saying it
#Not Giving Up giving up
#Prizes you don’t earn you win
#Quitting isn’t for cowards its for leaders
#Reward For Works of rest
#Running the race What is the race?
#Self Discipline is an oxi mormon
#The Soul Winners Joy found in the garbage dumps of life
#Useless Labour is really useless

Heaven’s Falling

13937910_10208705948539603_5999187856290364383_oHeaven’s falling, falling now
The people fall into slumber of the dreams of who they are to be
Everybody’s got song bursting to be free
Dance around and dreaming of all I think I know
Only to find myself laughing because I thought green meant go
It’ss an upside down fairytale with diamond that sparkle and shine
But the greatest of all treasures
Positioned in His love to find
There is a place where grief meets joy
And strife knows no place
Dropping on my knees
360 degrees you take me
Farther than the bounds of man
Past the sorts I can’t and can
living victory of love you are to be
A present to a world breaking to be free
Goodness in the mess
Your living waters rushing over me
Floods of glory
Fountains from above
Jesus, you take me
Hand stretched open to the bright blue sky
Absolute surrender abandoning questions of why
To feel your heart beat next to mine
Heavens fire in the depths of love I dive
Through the depths of depending in the mist of glory as it fills.around
Angels sing hallelujah
Bringing forth heaven’s sound
Take me father
To know the limitless weight no longer held by what holds one fixed in one track
Not bound by laws of nature that says there is lack
Presence of the one who fills my today’s.with hopes kiss
Sealed from heaven Cinderella’s wish
To know a love like no other and to burn the coals of what’s still unknown
Though it’s there wading about in the oil
Held by the hands of Father
Holder of my time
Writer of my rhyme
Lover of my soul
To the one I long to deeply know
Heavens fire has a kiss
Succulent glory has served the banquet dish
So take a bite of the fruit of love
Knowing all Good things come from above
A voice calls my name
Says come a little farther outside the lines drawn that we draw around our place that we want no one to see
Open access to heaven flooding every part of me
A voice calls out daughter be still
Place in my hands all that is given to will
go sit and wait for the red in the light of do not go
Become your life force within His blood that flows from your heart
To what you think you know
Lay down your mind
Rest rest rest
The night calls your eyes to travel to another yet revealed story
Chasing after his love
While others chase the trail of glory
Where its just ok along way
Rest my child get ready to receive another day
Love life connection

Unless You Become Like a Little Child . . .

18738734_10211347735382623_8014570916604507717_oGrow up?
Become an adult
Nope not me
Wrong direction for me
It’s okay if it’s yours. It’s not mine.
Thankfulness yes.
Humility yes
Vulnerability yes
Authentic yes
surrender absolutely
love deeply oh ya
What is love
and listen.
Red till green not green to red.
The adult grow up part? Lol
Nope, not me … never grow up.. saying his child. He personally told me it’s not grow up but grow in and through. Up is the fruit … It happens

You Can’t Access It Outside of Love

13600259_10208377717654036_3489226368347294810_nA question that I hear a lot is:
Is that good?
Or Is that God or the devil? Lol
Who’s the bad guy? Lol
Is there a bad guy really? Lol
I prefer to shift lenses for me. Outside of better or worse, good or bad and in the realm of it depends. Because truth is every micro story is part of a macro counterpart. What goes up must come down. Understanding lies in this realm but you can’t access it outside of love. Love is infused into the DNA of the nucleus inside the Atom in the inner core of the chamber of the Father’s heart. It holds the key to all wisdom all understanding all knowledge period. Love is the gate that holds the power. Pursue the power see legs healed. Pursue the love and…

Releasing a Word For June

Image result for threadsReleasing a word today. June is a new season.
Shiftings coming from the north south east west.
Unilateral is the word I hear.
Doesn’t matter what cycle you’re in. What layer or dimension you’re are in. This is a full crescent pivot.
Now that you’ve paused.
Now that you’ve gone from what you will do for me, God says,
To what you have always been. The love of the Father’s heart released as hope in skin, not his rescue team.
You are going to see new openings where doors had been closed.
Like a string of threads loose no more are you.
Don’t you know each strand has a color unique but when they are pulled together they are a collection of promises tied to one promise.
When you cast your rod in
Cast in My promise to you. The main theme.
And watch 7 threads of promises times 7 times 10 be the fruit one one swift swing as you declare I am Faithful. as you rise singing shouting faithful in plenty to rags and now learn I am the Faithful restorer.
Rest in My promise to you my child.
Put your confidence in my faithfulness.
Your answer is as my answer because you have entered my rest.
Faithful you were child
Faithful forever in me you will be.
I say my promises to you Child are Yes and amen for you.
Faithful, I am your God
And faithful my child you have been.
Oneness full circle
This next season let me show you my goodness
Let me showcase to the world
That You are my faithful lover drenched in truth w compassion kiss.
As you showcase to the world that freedom isn’t free until its alive full abundant and in a place to overflow. First in my kingdom. Then I will you use to be a paradox that man can not explain to take the logical out of thier minds for heaven flows through the heart.
The church must begin to lay down natural solutions for supernatural kingdom set ups.
We are no longer going from natural to church or natural to supernatural. Its glory to glory.

So Much Grander Than Simply Me

cropped-13124736_10207977193001170_202932454708452941_n.jpgFather of kindness
Giver of mercy
I sing to you a song
A song of love Divine
A song of which no mere mortal
On his own accord shall find
How can I speak of a feeling like so grand
You balance the world between the space of each hand
Giver of glory
The kindness like no other
Sweeter than a newborn baby to its mother
I rest
I know
Hunger burning
Zekis Wheels turning
Faster faster
Round and round we go
To the When and where till of the hands of time begin
Living the life where it’s not about the win
Morning dew dancing presongs of jubilee
Feel like a new song is arisen in me
Sing sing sing a song that has no sound
For music is where ever light is found
Lift your head oh yea gates
Let King of Kings Glorious one
Enter in
The Hands of Time play a click click click melody
Cause it’s so much grander than simply me

What is the glory of your Love Father?

12828550_10207475348215364_8885759283891232704_oWhat is the glory of your Love Father?
Open my heart to feel your heavenly rain to fall upon the shine of your reflection on my face.
Face to face we stand
Sweet breath of Love
The King of all Kings stands before me
Breathless wonder
Fog of glory that captures me Devine
I have walked the path of broken stones laid before me
I have gazed at the awesomeness of your mystery
I have tasted all that the world has to offer
But still nothing compares with one moment of your love flowing through me
The vibrations of your love consumes me with your fire
The freshness of your rain washes over me
Feel it
Taste it as it pours in exuberance tickling me in my heart w.the delight of he smile
He’s playful yet profound
My mind if of no use in this place on its own
But melted into him
There’s more
Stretching realities till all heavens dreams flow through the cortex in my skull
Intangible no more
Gravity being defied
The very same one that causes my feet to be hooked to the ground keeping me from the air
Says open your wings, released, unhooked
He blows his breath
The wind comes like in like melted chocolate in a fountain
I am His fruit
He dips me covering me in The sweetness
His beauty Divine behind the woman is the girl and she dances she swirls she flows.
The veil didn’t evaporate
It was torn from a window to a door.
Like the minds ability to reach the soul.
action emotion behavior
Why are you all what we see
Open the eyes of our hearts
From bad and good
To what really always.was is and is to be
No more looking for my bad guy
My heart to love so free
No need to know the why
I’ve found the who
He’s has become my why
My love gift to such an anointed one of love
trust is my gift to you, my King
The one who takes me so far up above
What is love
What is love
What is love
It was the ring I wore around my neck
It was my quest before I was much more than a speck
The who
The what
The why
The how
We’re there the song mystery sang to me
Daring me to become free
Slave girl chains and rags galore
Sleeping in dark places on someone’s floor
Roaming the world unconnected
Not attached to this thing called love
What is it
How do you find it
Why won’t you come to me
Roaming watching
Following doing
Love will you come to me
Why have you escaped me
How have you evaded me
I call out into the.dark Love are you there?
Will you find me today?
Echos in the hallway
Doors upon doors
Handles all hot
Dare not touch
Sizzle of my flesh
Not the way to love
Look here
Look there
Then hope deflates
Too many years deferred
Flat on my face
I look above
Arms wide open my chest beating faster than it can
No love this great I’ve seen in the face of men
Saying yes to this
Show me the way of your love
The end is where you’ll find your

Its an upside down fairytale

Rags to Glory Dress

13938191_10208705910698657_5339311282974794729_oWalking down the path
I remember pain
no more
But yet
He takes me
He speaks without words of man
but still I hear him
loudly through out each cell I am
let me show you
the difference
between good and fair

Crying in the dust
She lays there
Bruised knees
Cuts on her head
Yet I can’t miss
the deep desperate aching
hunger in her eyes
so many chains
Bolts and metal
so thick
in mason
No trees
no beauty
no grass
Poison for her porton
Strapped down
having her dreams cut out of her
Devine mutilation
Jaws ripped open
put in a vice
Head born of glory
now filled w lice
Left no more is life
Beaten broken
Rollerskates of life
kick violently
into her mind

Why am I here
What shall I find
Who is this girl
Why does she cry
Why ugly words darkly
scribbled over the face of
her beauty
Why can’t she fly

No sunlight
No air
It makes no sense
It’s just not fair
Outraged I become

She’s face down
Her hair’s a mess
Tears and tears and more tears
Potato sack dress of soot
soaked in fears
Lord stop the Hands of time
forever in this place
Human disgrace

A whisper in the wind say blow heavens wish on her
And I do.
I pick up the cries of my heart in the form of a weed and as I blow it my heart cry is heard
Like fireflies of light dancing in the air
Ushering the one who holds the truths of good and fair
In a moment a light flickers in the room
In walks.the king The bridegroom
Such mercy
Such grace
He lifts out his hand
He says without a voice
The music starts to play
The beat moves her feet
Music moves
Music sweeps in with the fog of glory
Music sings to her a song she’s not heard
Revelation come forth birthed out of hopes cry
When heaven declare death o not this day
I hear the King of musicing to her with melody in tunes that move the depth of who I know myself to be
He says with the string and a key
you had the wrong picture to the story
He moves in this King who is music.
His emotion a melody that captivates my soul
Flowing through me like fire contained
In the face of all that is distant
He took the cup of poison and he drank it. I wanted to scream no
Please no My King please stop
Don’t you know that will kill you
Don’t you know it holds.deaths.sting
It was for me to wear that ring
Alone in the room
With the girl who lost her song
I cried for this little girl
Emotion stirred in my heart
The red sea of her world began to part
The music began to beat again
I don’t understand it
It makes no sense to me
Who is this King
Who pours a new cup of wine.
This love its Devine
Up from the friend she rises
Angels carrying her
She hops on the white horse of lightening in the highest degree
As he rides her on the wings of her dreams
Breath of breath and life of all lives
Rushing through her soul
Faith arises
Mercy floods
Fire storms eternal
Beauty arise to your song
When her feet touch the clouds
She is crowned w the King of Fire
Face.down in a whole new way
Storms of his furry coming alive
Love gift to a world that has lost its heartbeat
In human skin with the.King of Fires.feet
Lightning fills the sky
Rainbows sideways and upside down
Raining glory
Raining freedom
Raining heaven in this place
Beat by beat the drums roll on
The string of His harp have begun to play
Heaven’s new day
Realities dream
When yesterday meets today
And shakes peace with all that Was and Is and Is to be until its free
Free to melt into Love and walk into today. Knowing TOMORROW is.heavens.reply
The question to your answer is Will you Be love? Will you choose to die? Will you lay down everything you think you know that fear says you must hold so tight? Will you let go?
Will you let me love you? Will you let me drink away my all your opinion?
Will you fly high into the dreams that Were and are and will always be
Will you let go of the pain
The lies
The chains?
Will you let your gift to me trust
No for man
They aren’t ready yet
Pace by pace step by step I will walk you out of this mess
It’s not you
Do you hear me
You know
You feel
You know its all a lie
So don’t get up
Stay down
Please be.the fighter that knows its time to quit
Stay down
Do you hear me
Don’t.get up
Put your face down
It’s time to be
No more this-that
Run here run there
No more stuffing because
There’s no more room
Let me drink the cup of this wrath says the King of love to you
Please just call out w all the pain and only one drop of hope
Heaven floods through
Angelic music thunderous moves me in a.way I can not speak
God lifts the humble He carries the meek
Melt into your glory
Don’t you know heaven’s love song is calling you
Do you know it’s your freedoms. Victory day
Raindrops and giggles fills this place
So lost in the flood of his goodness
Forgot about the race
Surrender is where the glory is found
And his glory is His expression of His heart for you.
Your right God
I see now the difference between good nd fair
Thank you.
Your a promise keeper
You never ever let go of us
Even when we think were the mess
You give us rags for glory dress

Clouds of Heaven

18623657_10211288954433136_7437031638567166101_oSharing my obsession with the beauty and art I see in the clouds. They take me forever into another place, where I call home. Mysteries hidden right before our eyes yet we are too pacified and satisfied to see.

An open portal if you will right into the hidden in the inner heart of God. The biggest lIe is that God’s mad; we must get our behavior in line. That we can’t see or talk to God or that we can only live a one dimensional life. Freedom has many forms, perceptions, concepts and paths but for me only one name – LOVE. And when YOU encounter Love, He gives you His name. I don’t need too . But I can tell you where you can find him the rest is you and Him…