5 Fold, Inside Out

Been really contemplating the Macro 5-fold so much lately. I don't look at what's wrong. I don't watch tv read newspapers or do news. I listen to God love the person in front of me and I look at what's right, but as I look at a world in chaos I think we first have... Continue Reading →

Waiting for Green

I always feel weird when I flow so much and just go w what's flowing. I think it's a soul sensory from literally almost (key word almost) every person I've ever met tells me I talk too much. Or that I ramble and say nothing. That's a lie. After riding a metaphoric long water slide... Continue Reading →

Heaven’s Falling

Heaven's falling, falling now The people fall into slumber of the dreams of who they are to be Everybody's got song bursting to be free Dance around and dreaming of all I think I know Only to find myself laughing because I thought green meant go It'ss an upside-down fairytale with diamond that sparkle and... Continue Reading →

Rags to Glory Dress

Walking down the path I remember pain no more But yet He takes me there He speaks without words of man but still, I hear him loudly throughout each cell I am He.says let me show you the difference between good and fair Crying in the dust She lays there Bruised knees Cuts on her... Continue Reading →

Clouds of Heaven

Sharing my obsession with the beauty and art I see in the clouds. They take me forever into another place, where I call home. Mysteries are hidden right before our eyes yet we are too pacified and satisfied to see. An open portal if you will right into the hidden in the inner heart of... Continue Reading →

Bodies and Cameras In His Hand

  Beautiful perspectives, life lesson Gods takes me on. Sometimes before you get to the light the path can appear to be a bit rocky. Keep your eyes on your heart open and the eyes of your face trained in faith. Surrender to a picture that has yet to fully appear. Keep walking.Yes, it's rocky.... Continue Reading →

River of Life and Glory

  Why preach Why teach Why work Why stand Why eat Why drink Why speak Why engage This river of life I've found in the midst of this desert land has digested me in glory. Like rushwaters of exuberance, I feel the life force and the melodic autumn that calls me home. Centered still everything... Continue Reading →

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