River of Life and Glory

  Why preach Why teach Why work Why stand Why eat Why drink Why speak Why engage This river of life I've found in the midst of this desert land has digested me in glory. Like rushwaters of exuberance, I feel the life force and the melodic autumn that calls me home. Centered still everything... Continue Reading →

Getting Out of Your Mind

  Flip it upside down to see it right side up... It's an upside down fairytale. What does out of your mind really mean? It's the ultimate fear really, isn't it? To be out of one's mind. But what if to reach - become - unlock - release the essence of your heart song -... Continue Reading →

Breath of All Breaths

Breathe of all breaths. Depth of all depths Song of all songs Alive splashing jubilee Playful buoyance melting molten glory emerging Amongst the chaos The leaves rustle Crackling the cracks where light needs to shine Penetrating the rays Particles of light Clouds of glory Painted prisms of the Fathers heart like crystal Dangling echoing Within... Continue Reading →

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