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Sing me like a song, or play me like a guitar, paint me with color whatever you do BE ALIVE I'm alive. I'm awake I move with the rhythm of the sounds of raindrop when the sky cries a symphony of beauty to kiss the ground and wash it a new with the breath of life to renew us to remind us that miracles happen every day and that every day is a moment to dance in the grocery store climb a mountain sail a sea I am as a contagious fire. A fire that can not be contained. I won't ever be put out, I shimmer, I glow, I flow with and through all that is light, I roar. This is me Music is Math Sound is Light slowed down that means music is light Light manifest in colors so that means that that the stroke of a paintbrush, a musical note played or a poetic word spoken theses are all one and the same Beauty manifested in intimacy