Where has love gone

Being love in a world where love has become a dirty word

Fly me away up up away like a startled bird

To the highest hieght fast

i start to soar

far far away from the pain

To the depth with in

I feel the Lions roar

Open up ye gates of old that are always anew

Not always fun loving the person

Placed in front of you.

To be a sister, to be a friend

To be a spark

To transend

I have no understanding

No proper prodical

The rules and traditions that govern

Your ok if your like this

Your told to understand

rules written by a broken humanity Dont you dare try to will be

Love in me they do not see

Nusience toleration

Irratation of humanity

Is the name this world given out to me

Pie in my face

Tears fall in this place

That someone could feel such pain

That my heart to them would be a nusience to distain

Musicbox dancer come away with me

To the place where the grass does sing

Fly away birdy

Dont you cry

You are beheld in your Fathers eye

Heaviness in my chest so real

What does it mean

You can not deal?

maybe it is so

Perhaps it is true

That no one really wants to know the real you.

Faces held back emotion connection

We arent not aloud to share

Sometimes I forget in this world

Humanity doesnt care

Masks handed out before we were born

So many moments of wonder crushed before the star was even bright

Dreams and hearts that have been torn

I am my own descrepency

Alive so free yet trapped in a glass box some call life

beauty wrapped up as a gift taken as strife

Waiting wondering if this thing they call life will ever be for me

Movers shakers crushers

Then theres me

Falling falling falling

Raindrop from the sky

Maybe heaven crys the tears from my eye

Sorry to exist when u dont know what to say

Words weigh us down

Trying to steal the beauty of today.

Waymaker high up in the sky

Mr compass watchman

Holder 9f all time

The one they call devine

Do u see me

This speck upon fields of dust I Am

Nothing yet something

Buried still

Awaiting to arise

Wanted to bring down to earth

the skies

Pushing away all the lies

Hurting people hurt people

Its the saddest truth I know

Its multiplication in a direction we dont want to go

So pick up a stone

I dare not that one be

Ill cry the tears before me

And fly away birdy fly fly away birdy

Into a diffetent realm

Another place

Where of this world there is no trace

In a place

I get to be me

And its my beauty that they see

No more sticks

No more stones

No more broken bones

No more rejection

Feear has had its seat of ejection

In this place its ok to me

Find me

Bind me

Tackle me w peace

Sweet surrender

Mortal bliss

Letting go of every wish

In Playful fun sometimes

Youll get bit

But this is where love and mercy sit

Round and round the dial

The wheel begins to spin

Its not about who will loose and who will win

Just a struggle for the right to be me

And for that to be good someday

Where has love gone

Will you bring back your song

To all humanity

So that we can love one another

In everytime and space

Just as we are



Friends brothers sisters

humans face to face.

Beauty doesnt always dress in beauty

When the words of pain shoot out

No offense ever taken doesnt mean

The tears wont fall

You have to learn to feel it all.

In a world rightside up

Thats upside down

To find the beauty

You must not fear

the pain

Its a truth no words could explain

No there is no way to train.

When u just let go

Of all you know

And dare to be free

The lessons we learn as we crash from boldness daring chance

Its ok to say may I have this dance

And its ok on the other side to say

When your heart is in pieces

Just Go away

Fly away beauty fly fly your birdy of the great blue sky

We arent to know the reasons why

And if we did

Would it make it better

Maybe or possibly never

Its about being connected

And calling out and forth whats good

Even when beauty behaves not like it should

And daring to call forth beauty

In another as we all should

Beauty what is beauty

I see deep wells of whats right

I will not shake nor shutter at the monsters in day or night

As if a person dressed in skin

Could ever be bad

No no not ever

To think otherwise is far too sad

Soaring higher

Wind in my face

Father of lights

Maker of all things above

The one they call Love

Will you return to my earth

The one youve given to me

A place where its ok to be me

I just want to be Love

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