Three sides to every Coin

coinsI learn something new every day as the old saying goes.

Yesterday, I wrote a post on Facebook sharing a story and a warning for vulnerable people.
I believe it was kind too. Not all the seeds we sow are cash.The reason it was a kind post was because there are good, loving people who have been so starved for companionship and who love God so deeply that it actually makes them an easy target. There are people who will put on a mask and become who you need them to be to lure your heart outside of wisdom.

This isn’t about unlearned or unwise people being idiots, it’s about people who love God so much that as Jesus said they will be in danger of sheep in wolves clothing. We read that but without a story to frame it, we can miss it.

My post was about a friend who would never have even considered marrying that man if she wasn’t in a vulnerable state, but God allowed it. I would even say He may have asked her too because He knew there were many other vulnerable people who would benefit from the seeds she would scatter when she shared her story. Someone, doubting my intentions and my friend’s story commented on my post: “there are two sides to every coin. You don’t know the other side of the story.” But’s she’s wrong.

There are three sides to every coins

Head of the coin:
For the man or woman so in love with God that all you want is to share Him with another, remember that God is in the process. Jesus said fear not. So do believe in the best of people. Do affirm God in them, through them, with them, but let them walk out the process without interfering. This will be wisdom’s guard for you

Tales of the coin:

For the man or woman so lonely, so crying out in faith, “Father, I can’t do this anymore! God, please.” I get you. It’s okay. Did you know that Jesus had the 3, 12, and 72? God said at the beginning that it was not good for man to be alone. You shall never be shamed on my page about being human. Jesus said “forgive them Father for they do not know what they do.”

Some people will never know the walk of the fatherless, friendless, and the traumatized people; it’s the journey of the cross. Thank God for that. Let me say, He sees you, He is with you and it’s ok if no one gets it, He does. It’s not meaningless. You’re not bad. He is with the brokenhearted. Did you know that there were times in my journey where someone saying God was with me was painful and made me want to die even more because I needed people too? Jesus had people. The hope I have for you in this season is that He is working a peculiar glory that you will get to share because of your obedience and your loving heart.

So stay steadfast but be wise. Don’t skip the process. When we skip the process sometimes there’s a hidden lie that “no one else will love me, this is now or never.” Did you know that the counterfiet usually shows up first? Not always but often so don’t rush in and get locked into missing your treasure. He has the best for you. Stand in that. If you’ve been crushed, it’s because your gold, not trash. So wait for gold. Because you’re worth it.

Rim of coin:

The rim of the coin is just a thin line that gives no hint of what is on the face or the back of the coins. This is the view of where the wolves are. Most wolves aren’t even concious of what they are doing. You also are God’s beloved, but you don’t know it. You divide, teach and preach to gain power because you believe this is your only power and you have no idea how much greater power there is in this universe outside of you. Here’s a secret: Love is the greatest power. Greater than yours.

I’m going to share the post I’ve been writing about below. This post I am referring to was intended for vulnerable people as a lantern to illuminate pitfalls for them. It was from Holy Spirit. Jesus taught in stories too. So if you’re looking for a teaching opportunity, a way to release your shame valve and deflect or if you just needed exalt yourself to feel ok or powerful, please resist. Less a real nugget from God falls and you be like the birds who stole away the seeds the sower scattered.

Heres the post I’m referring too.

Here’s a nameless story about someone I know who married a man on fb she really didn’t know. She is divorced now I’m so grateful she’s no longer a hostage to religion or delayed death.

She met a man who posts other prophets’ words, lured in with great scripture knowledge and other people’s wisdom. Charm is a dangerous thing when you’re homeless and in the fire. Men and ladies, be careful if you say you represent God. Make sure to do from your heart not memorization and bible stabbing. He came after that she hears God. To destroy her all you have to do is invalidate that she hears God then shame does the rest.

When you’ve traded your life of oneness with God for being told you don’t hear God, it’s bad. She stands in and on his promises and he was taking them away. She would cry in the shower, her natural hiding place, to find quiet to go be in God’s secret place, which meant 7 showers a day crying out her “God my God Why have you forsaken me?” She sobbed so so much. Christian men don’t ever call women names words like cunt, bitch whore. Don’t threaten or scream. Her beautiful daughter said, “mommy, if God’s like him, I quit God.” A week later, he was gone.

God guards her . She learned alot.
She is so greatful to God that he values her, honors her, never yells at her or tells her she’s a whore, a bitch, whatever. She knows her God. He is gentle and loving. In this man’s presence, she wasn’t permitted to flow with God without getting screamed at and shamed. Her children were called horrible names and banned from her own home. He refused to get a job to help but he put her down and told her she was a loser for her poverty. She was shamed and told she was evil for wanting Christmas in her home with her kids. She was told by this Godly man of great wisdom loved by so many  that they were too poor for gifts and she served the devil. She was so confused. He knew the bible.

She learned so much. He’s not in her life anymore. God told her love gives.
I’m sharing this story without names because I honor all people but I felt like I needed to say, “ladies, know someone well before marriage. Not every Godly man is really Godly.”

Follow-up lest anyone misunderstand, it is important to add that anyone who behaves so wretchedly is a brokenhearted person who is a prisioner of what was done to them. We are still called to love them but love without truth is complacency and patronization and only assists darkness. Jesus said we are carriers of truth and light manifesting love. That’s what this post is about. Sounding the alarm saying, “ladies, men, be wise, listen to God within. Cry out, God’s big enough, walk thru to fully forgive.”

Let go of what has been done to you, by choosing to trust God. Only when we are willing to feel it all can we give it to him. If we choose to stuff it and cover it over w religion then this man prision will be as yours. The lie of the kingdom of darkness is that the so called bad guy is a person. We battle powers and principalities who occupy and comendeer broken hearted people who say they trust God but don’t. Love is always the answer. We DONT shame this brokenhearted prisioner but we ALSO dont hide his cry out for help either. Even the so called bad guy Jesus is with. There is no good/bad just in God and not in God. We are all in God but we are not all concious or fully concious to reality of oneness, love life and humanity. That’s why love grace and mercy are my tribe and we travel on the back of truth.

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