Unwinding Parididoxal Reality

Shifts shifts
Spinning circles within me
Not behind me
Not before me someday
What is
Simply is
Nothing else really matters to me
I know not what I see
This birthing of love and wonder and mystery
Brewing inside of me
Letting go
I just cant know
Its far too big
For my mind to snap a single picture
Or for my soul to contain
Nothing plain
Glory mixed with fire
Human and heavenly desire
Star gate
No saving the date
Its not about tomorrow
Or what will be
Its about letting go
Of literally everything you think you know
Because you dont
You cant
Not here in this place
Of many places
When tomorrow and yesterday are friends
Pardoxical collision
knowledge and sight
Can not transcend
As if any of it in this moment
As if there exists multidimensional division
Not even close
Will you awake with me
Will you take my hand
And put in it your riddle?
Can we dig for buried treasures
Within the worlds soul
Do we need an agenda
Or can we have fun and just let go
Falling falling light like shards of ice is falling
Melting in to my being
From the eyes within my cells
Through light alone is the perspective I am seeing
No more this
Not more that
Ive taken off my favorite hat
To find a new perspective
MkjkikjTo have spectacles of time
To help me see
The glory falling down
The beauty that is to be found
In the worst of days
In childlike silly play
Dare to beat to your own drum
Dare to be the strings
on the eternal galaxical guitar
Wind blow
Fire consume
All that was
All that will be
Until i have the eyes of all
The lights scattered amongst the sky
And follow them like the wiseman did
One by one
Stories untold
Some young tales
Others stories of anient old
Star light starbright
Show me
Guide me
To your light
Unleash the fire
Melt me
Volcanic erruption
Uncontainable desire.
Water stirring
Whitecapps overflow me
Rush me
Like water electrified through my viens
Ignite me
One kiss
One touch
Of humanity
To feel aliveness
The human in me
I am a tree
I am a bird singing its song
I am am found
I am lost
I am free
I want to taste your breath
Feel your waters
Opening up to untapped more
Buttoms up
Of a different kind
One that keeps me far from sober
In a place where im not confined
By all the thoughts and all the noise
Heavens keys falling
Humanity is calling
Feel me
Taste me
Hear me without a single word
Know me
Just to know me
Abandon anything but simplicity
And the desire to just be
Come find the treasure buried in me

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