Becoming the storm

Deep.sorrow hallowing like a tunnel deep with my soul
Could this be?
There lives the light of lights within me
Love is my adiction
Pure free
One you cant in whole
call your possession
Let compassion l9ve and truth
be an eternal obession
Heavy dark sword going right through me
Pass thru u dark evil matter
that belongs not to me
I feel your vibrations
No home will u find in me
Free falling in esctasy
In utter tourment
How can this be
This duality
Release all that is
Light evanescence all that is light
While the vortex of wind hallows in my depths
Like a corkscrew i am
Unbottle me to be
Release all that is and isnt me
Until the clocks and time piece move w the gears
Aligning all ive walked through in years
Dance of dance
Fire with in me roars
Bubly bubble of victory singing through me
Up up and away
Hush dont speak a single word
Fly away fly away says the sparrow bird
What it is the spins within me
i can not know
Round and round the wind begins to blow
I am becoming the storm

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