Wordless words

Beauty is within a song.

Beautiful song
Just taking a break from talking God. I want to hear what the strings of the violins have to say to me as they move my soul to a wave of deep saturated warmth, in the aching place w in me where passion and hunger are born. What can all the beauty in creation teach me of love and light and truth.

Surrender to sweet bliss

Beauty beyond that which a word could dare to contain.

Wordless words is what I seek

If the oceans declare the glory of God then surely the answer is found in the language of the rain. I step out into thee cold of morning, dew is saturated as if This God of all has kissed me with his presence like a blanket of fire burning into the innermost depths of who I am where all that I Am. Just is sheer beauty.
Chimes playing as the wind plays the chello w the willow treeblowing this feeling, this love, this goodness this dancing light that cause me to leap in a joy i can contain a love so deep no way i can explain.
If all that I Am is is hidden w ith me
Then the chains of relgion must fall further from. Me

Go go go gone

Until My eyes open deeper to love alive in you in me

Together oneness of created lights that dancing alive

Melting like butter saturating



Free to be all of whatever is me
God speak God without saying a word, the the crickets sing and the moon glows and the mighty raging river flows,
Snow falling, birds calling, the sound of a tear falling or a new born baby cry, the ple of a mother eho yells why do i have to die
So much we just dont understand.
Im not looking to man
To find this God I think I know.
Let the struming fingers of a pureheart sing of love victory
No words spoken yet this dance of my essence w the light they say i can not see
But burning fire fills my viens
The ground the trees they call out to me
Speaking the langage of love,
Speaking the lanugage of sound
Where wordless words are found
In this place where we say husssh
Hussh be still
What ever is just is
And what ever will
Hear the lions roar
Open yourself up
The understated more
Its falling
Nows it starting to pour
Feel the rain
Let it with 8n u pour
Rage on rage on
Let the your moeciles explode in glory
Let the stars puzzles written high
Rem8nd us of whisper that drives us to into full overdrive
To let go of it all
And say no longer will.i strive
Breath bybreath consume me
Fill me
Life me melt into the song the creation plays.
Love song of all creation to all.that ever was
No marketing fee
For the song of Love lives in me

But it looks differentt in you.

Dont follow me.

Dare to be the brilliancy of u.

Lets be a conchereto with everything that is light lets us find ourselves there.

In the Father of lights.

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