Life in the path of learning to become love

I am learning more everyday if u want to become the heart of Jesus. If u say Lord make me your love and your light…..
You better be prepared to be prooved on your words. If God proves his words Why do u think He wont proof yours?

When I said 7 years ago. Lord let me be the light of Jesus for all the world to see as my new years prayer. God said ok it has begun and it is finished. I said make me your love God.
Wow the opportunities came.
They were not cool mission trips to travel the world and build my portfolio while preaching and hugging though Id have loved that alot.
No.I got to watch my friends go while God sent me every person who was not laid down, though they thought they were, They unconsciously thought they were liars slanderers, thieves, so they acted like it.
Hey I love all people and homeless and broken hearted people need love too.
Oh did you think it was the homeless and broken hearted people who were the ones my soverign God used to equip me through trials and testing? Crushing me so God could teach me from the inside out?

No the brokenhearted and homeless they encouraged me, uplifted me celebrated me and were authentic transparent and vulnerable with me.
Wrong lenses
The ones God used for my compassion in action bootcamp. The ones who stole, lied, broke and crushed me…breaking me, tearing me they were all outside in mentality people. They looked Good stable kind and always smiled. The had jobs, dressed nice and were always respected.
In postions wearing titles w teachers, administrators, bosses, executives, pastors entrepreneurs, pastors , elders, lawyers doctors nurses, judges, counselors, advocates and social workers.

Upsidedown world.
But Now ive become the storm.
So thank you God for 7 years of bootcamp. It was worth it. Honor to serve my God and people and meet myself and him in the process.
Im glad theres no rerun though


Today I was told Linda you never judge me like other people several times?
My answer because I have either done it wrong or had it done to me or someone I love.
I take no credit. I only gave my yes and amen
And refused to quit. My commitment, to wake up each day no matter how bad it hurt and seek Gods presence till I knew who I was and stay in that place.

My heart isnt to outshine the world but to ignite the shine in a world disconnected from the source of light

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