Paint the sky w your colors

Electic current

static no more

Burning in my toes

Fire burning everywhere

Ravishage me w heavens fire

Passion love white fire hevens desire

Pause and wait

Do be still

Dont press on

Dont think or pull

Eyes of fire


One one plus one

Isnt two


Flames of heaven

Shooting thru the air

Shards of mercy

falling from above

beyond within

Holy of Holys is the place we go

First we step in

And then we go thru

Its time to go thru

Lights so fast

I cant see them

Melting into his glorious flow

Like fireflys on a summer night

Sons and daughters pr as ises going up

Up up up

Laughter fills the air

Bubling bubling bubling

Rainbow colors everywhere

Paint the sky w your glory

Diamonds fall like rain



The praises fill the air

Can u feel it it

Do u know

Vibrate me my king of kings

Make me your guitar

Strum me w the hands that hold the crator of the universe and all the galaxies

Beat w in me

Step by step u take me

Your love will never break me

Spirit devine

Dress me in your garmet of presence

Kiss of heaven pour your breath w in me

Open up the door to eternity

Swing wide ye heaven gates

Mr time man has turned his dial

Let let us walk till heaven fills the earth

One w the maker

Way maker

The king of all that is

My Song of my songs

My blessed promise

Of majesty

Colors rainbow colors dancing w me

My covering of gold

My destiny.

You are.

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