Dancing letters lead me to my Victory

Flowing in the beauty of your name
Flowing in the Spirit
Melting into you
Flowing in this place
Its all I know to do
One With the one
named Victory.
Rewritten my history
Going glory to glory
Its More than just a story
Read between the line
Living means alive
Not merely written down
In between the words
Portals of my mind
Gates of heaven open up
Lettters leaping off the page
Pieces of letters filling the air Dancing letters take me to my King of Victory Open heavens door thru your heart that reached out for mine. Hes high and lifted up. From deep w in me. Let me in you be found
Matters of light dancing everywhere
Until the words become the pictures given to me
Give me eyes to see
Your majesty
Purple crayon held in my hand
Up up in the sky
Living word come alive
So thatvall the word would know
And in and thru to heaven well go
Open up your heavenly gates
Spirit devine whipers w in my soul
Come and follow me
Galloping in the garden
White wild horse so free
Eyes of mercy
Hoofs of grace
mane that is the fire
You Lord my burning desire
You move w in my being
Passion Holy desire
My new ending fire
Wings of eagles
dipped in gold today
Open up the wind gap
Shoot up gieser from my soup
Fly up in the sky
So high
Alive in me because Im found hidden in his heart
Together from the very start
Open eyed dreaming
Carrying the torch of victory
Some eagles rise above the storm
To rest until a day
Until they are the storm
Storm rages on
Spinning spinning spun
Completely undone
For the one who is and who was and who will always be
Measured by the measurer
Who says im worth more than diamonds rubies or gold
Masterpiece saturated in his glory
Let it so be

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