Waterfalls of Glory


IT has been a long day in the upside down world

the God of yes and amen has rested his presence upon me like a blanket of love

I can’t help but sing of his faithfulness

his warmth dew penetrates me like a rushing steam engine or a rushing wave of glory

the warm hot mutton lava of passionate desire and hunger for a God eternal and God ferocious in love with me alive in me

I am a consuming fire and I burn night and day to be consumed by this fire

TO be swallowed up into the depth of his love

to feel his heartbeat from within me

to taste his breathe as the wind blows through me

to feel his fragrance in every pore of my being

temperature rising

I’m fading

far form this place

I arise

I arise

I arise in you my king

my author my everything

light me up like the stargate you made me to b

e the filament of heaven

container of your glory

ii testify that you are faithful

my existence proves you to be all the at you say your self to be

alive alive alive you e in me

to you my God I wills ay yes and amen

tell me my life is falling

I will tell you about the rain

listening to the symphonic glory as it falls

you hear the whispers of heaven  sweet glory calls

every word that you speak GOd

is coming true

I walk in your promises

its the rest I know today

every word you have ever spoken

will come to be

near to the broken hearted

you make my path straight

my God of heaven

the lover of my soul

ii am free

I am free

I am free to be

I am free

singing your promise

alive in me

dancing on injustice

your gory lives in me

every beat in my soul

every song that I sing

you,  my God all praise I will bring

I will rest in your truth

I wills and in the gap

I will be a good mother

and a sister to a brother

I will hold the hand of the lost

and remind  them they have always been found

I will cast off the lies of darkness that has always had them bound

they will breath a breath of heaven

they will sing a hallelujah p[raise

and to the God of all our hands will raise

not by my might or anything I could ever do

but because of you Jesus

because your love is true

walk me right through

to know you

to know you deeper we shall go

my king my king

you my praises i will sing

You know my hearts desire

you know what my heart seeks

you hold my yesterday  the ones wrapped up in pain


and to my honor because of you, there is no shame

beautiful savor

you have brought me so close so near

no longer dead

you chased away the in my head

the risen one

who is above all

I say to you yes and amen

I bow before your throne

I bring you my hallelujah praise

set my heart ablaze

that I should know the love lock gaze of you

until eternity with you

faith you are and faithful you will be

forever my Ogd  together we will be

yes and amen is a simple word to sing

when you one with the creator of everything

so rest in the song that you sing over me

and rest in the in you our praises we will bring

and rest in moments when the sky begins to fall

remember he s the one who holds it all

he’s not letting go

he’s been God a long  time

Heis near to the broken hearted

make the crooked way straight

we rest in you

we rest in you

you hold us near

we aren’t afraid

no no ‘

we say yes and amen 

we thank you



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