I am the key

The wind within me begins to blow and I spin

round and round to gold

until I am a key

the marking



In the Lock, My spirit moves

the Fathers hand moves me

the the north

I open the North star

The North star opens me

I am free

One with humanity

even if they can’t yet see

so free so free

one day humanity

stars of wonder beneath my feet

‘rivers of raging glory

my heart is beating a different  eat

I’m alive

Evanescence glory electrified presence of God in me

Let it roll  like thunder

let it rush like the raging stream

over over over

it goes

fill banks on overflow

let it rain  here in the heavns

river of life

and let it fall fall fall fall

drop by drop of victory

the earth below me so distressed and torn

don’t they know of heaven they are born

we were never meant to work all day

then go to sleep and forget to play

so we found our toys of the grown-up kind

and so our fun we forgot to find

so happy in this place

no need to join consumers race

I’m lot in the heartbeat of heaven that beats for humanity

asking for miracles

that heaven would flow

until humanity can see

heaven gushing out of me

arise arise

oh sons daughter of the Most High of God

there’s healing in this place

ancient wounds  with miracles abound

heaven is available to those who want it found

miracle flows int his place

miracles all around

like shards of color

and shining flashing light

eagles wings are gold

come alive

come alive

let the miracles flow

over over over over

let your presences flow



in the place where there is no air

to heal the wounds that have always been there

time to fly little birdy

catch the breath of glory today

heaven is calling you

be awakened

it’s time to sin

let his praise bring


sing your praise

let the fire rise

l=et the fire consume you ferociously

day and night burning

indie s storm is churning can you fell it

the fire as it dances in your soul

mercy grace

let it flow

all over me

in this place of victory

evanescence light

translucent I am your filament

let ; your light flow

let it flow until it’s all I see

you, my God alive in me

miracle miracles miracle

fill this place

raining mercy

drop by drop



light rainbow colors

raise your hands to heaven

raise them right now


Miracles let them flow

receive your rainbow promise

let it flow


the whisper of heaven

the angels echo sounds of glory

feel it in the depths of your soul

you know

all that is left

is to let it go

let it go

it must go




this that is not yours

heavens promise

over you shall arise

new song

new song

heavens playing a new song

a new day

one day

the lion of Judah carried his dancing girl

together they ride

the groom and his bride

Heavens  has declared it roar

The time is now

to mount your trumpets and sing

praises to the king

Heaven’s gates are open

for all who care to see

the king of victory

this is what was given today to me

bless the lord and keep this word

and seal it in the hearts who seek

bring forth the rhythm

that erases rejection

it has no hold on us anymore

we let you go

it is finished my God declared

it a new season

Let your praises fill the temple

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