Wisdom​ from the cup of sufferings

nla3jm7j6y2eavexlfqvEnjoy your day and radiate
the love of God where ever you go
Glory carrier you are
Don’t ever allow religion to tell you your not ok
Your beautiful and in him mightily
He takes you from glory to glory
this is the voice of wisdom calling out to you
Its that you keep your eyes on him
not any so-called flaws
When someone connects you to your so-called flaws
it’s demonic, antimatter call it what you will
ITs not for you!
remember He flows in you
and you flow in Him
so flow in him
And do remember God is w the broken hearted
So that says that we will be broken hearted
So be real and let him flow
say Okay, I will!
He is alive
Love lives in you
and Love is your home now
Love lives alive in you
I hear the spirit of God saying stop letting religion tell
you that your insignificant and your nothing
but one day you will be something
your one with Him
that’s way more than nothing
Let someone love you
and love them back
shine brightly in love because you now are love
eyes only on him in you
anything else will go
trust him in that and be patient in that
He will complete what he has finished in you
but do grow and feed the beauty of Christ in you
let everything else fall
one day you’ll be like wow
who is this beauty
and it will be you, that you  that you have always been
be patient and forgive yourself, love
celebrate the beauty of God in you
and always have a great day
You are valued
If you’re waiting for God to open doors and bring others into your life
let go of that thought
but only after you feel all that is there for you to feel
It may hurt
but I promise you
God is way bigger than any perceived hurt
when you surrender it,
that is exactly when it shifts
 but you cant surrender what you’re afraid to feel
Don’t say Oh, I  am rejected
when you, you reach out to someone
and they move away outside of loves reach for you
they may or may not drawn back  to you again
You might say well it hurts and its still rejection
I hear the Spirit of God say No, no it is not
I hate rejection
it is a lie from hell that you’re ever you’re rejected
Once someone asked me to be in their didn’t feel rejected when they unasked me to be in their wedding
because I knew I was valued
I knew I was loved
but it wasn’t my role
In relationships, it’s much the same
Of course, it still hurts
cause you believe the lie
that God doesn’t have someone to love you
that’s not true
let go of the lie
and you won’t hurt
the devil is lying
telling you that you are the exception
to the promise
I know this for sure
because he says the same lie to me
so I see it easily in another
what a gift I get to give
from walking the journey
It is never meaningless, Love
A more helpful perspective is  it si GOd to be attracted to others
Be attracted and drawn to Gods beauty
and love and light in another
this is unity of God
with God
through God
attracted to Jesus in them
Be the two or more with God and do celebrate his masterpieces delighting in the beauty of God
in another
IF they cant see the beauty in you
don’t let their lack of understanding determine you’re worth
Let God of love determine your worthiness
Let the God of love declare who you are to you
In fact, it is God alone that make you worthy
so right there we know a lie is lurking
If you think I AM rejected
and conclude that perceived rejection is
I Am nothing
Sometimes people can behave irresponsibly with our heart and miss the beauty of who we are because they have yet to truly meet the beauty of God within them so they simply lack eyes to see, ears to hear and a heart
Know this truth we get the privilege to love one another in the process as we ourselves are in process
The bible says we go from glory to glory not garbage to glory
and only He makes us worthy.
Disconnected from light and truth and life and revelation you can not see anything but what you are sold by this natural world
but there is so much more and if you really understood the lie of comparison you would be singing a new song every day and dancing to a new step each moment in Jubilee
If your heart cries out I don’t want to face that
Its the hook of fear which is teammate of Rejectiononlythat Disconnected from life and light and love is eternal hell
He alone makes you worthy
He alone connects you to life and light and love
so to believe that you are in God yet somehow
you are not worth it
and you don’t have what it takes is a mathematical and scientific and spiritual impossibility
I am worthless and I don’t have what it takes
if you re one with God is always a lie
like a fish hook in your mouth to steal your heart
If you say
Having other people’s happiness
in my face right now really hurts
Don’t just say no that’s thoughts, not for me
That’s a lack of faith as if God is not bigger than that though
Ask God in you, why is this thought attractive to me?
What is there God that you want to talk to me about
Being one with God means nothing is ever wasted.
Every situation is an opportunity to learn experience and overcome
you are no longer awaiting your victory
as if your victory is apart from you
no this is not oneness
being one with God doesn’t mean he is giving you victory it rather He is revealing to you that He is all that exists that is light and good and true
including you
He is revealing not just to the world upside down and disconnected that who you are
but all of this is to reveal to you who He is in you and who you are in Him
To those young gals or young men still waiting for love in another to bless their lives in partnership on this journey
what I call togetherness
being connected first with the one who was and is and will always be alive in me
my victory the one I am one with
my truth
my peace my victory
I say take head love
I have walked this 48 years
I know others who have walked it 68 years
yet we find our peace and hope in him
knowing He is faithful
Do you know yet that God will let you go as deep as your heart longs to go
so others you glance at on the surface
and compare and say hey they have it all
God will give you the desires of your heart
How do you know what their heart seeks
What does your heart seek love? that’s the real question
to get the more you will have to walk the walk of Jesus
So shout out instead Even if it hurts, I will follow you through My God because you, my God are with me
You Go where I go and you stay where I stay
SIng praises live a life of love in the now whatever is before you
Choose God in your now, NOt just once in your yesterday and not in the future when it all comes together no no this isn’t truth
God is the now in every brath in every moment
in every choice is in the dark thoughts and the light thoughts.
he is
If it’s a dark thought and its come near you there’s a treasure that you get when you take it to him
there is always more to unwrap
He is an eternal God so don’t try to figure it out
let him reveal it all to you
He will
from the inside out
Do you understand that exactly what your heart seeks
he is preparing you for
You don’t really desire the surface stuff
you know you want the bone and marrow meaty substance of God revealed deep within you
you know you want the depths of God from the inside out
You want to be used by your God mightily to release love to a disconnected love
So your path is different
you are being prepared
for what your dream is
the one he gave you when he pulled out of his heart
and named you beautiful
you wouldn’t be happy really with just a house and a kid and a dog and a job and a mate
God teaches us and loves us in every moment
we can trust he has our best intentions at hand
so you remember in hard times that you are being groomed and revealed by God
why? you ask
to show you who you are in him
to reveal to you your heart’s desire which is really to be one with him and all of creation in love truth life light hope and in victory.
for you are his heart’s desire
the path you seek isn’t an easy one but it is a rewarding one
this is why you cant compare your life to another
what you seek you shall find but the paths to get there are all so different
then we say oh God you don’t really love me
look at so and so
People place things and experiences are like a stepping stone
If God allows you to “like” someone
it is ok
Give them back to God and say thank you, God
I enjoyed liking them
Agree with God about beauty seen is biblical and totally meaningful as long as we don’t do it without him.
Where two or more agree is in the bible
so agree with GOd
Say, God, I agree with you about……..
Tell him that you delight in his masterpiece
Worship him in spirit and truth by partnering with oneness I tell God often, God you ARE a great artist God
and trust that God allowed you to “like” whoever
to show you, you are
Ask God Why am I drawn and pulled and attracted to whatever whomever, it is
and I promise you
God is producing a peculiar glory that you will get because of whatever it is you walk through with God has something great to reveal to you in you and through Him in you
Jesus said often fear not
See how awesome he is in you
Take the time to see how awesome you are
in Him
Don’t measure your life based on fear of being hurt
The fear we walk through
the hurt we feel reveals the true beauty of God in you
The treasure of God are found in the mountains that crumble us but in Him, they cant really touch us
You must believe everything is for your benefit even learning what snot for you is for your benefit
tell me someone afraid to be hurt ill show yo someone who stays in delayed death and never comes fully alive
With everything inside of you abandon fear and death and don’t worry if it hurts God is big enough
to carry you through
I know this sounds mean but I wish I never met him
It’s too painful
I did learn but not much
oh my you get to choose
but if you want to feed the devil death and dark matter
go ahead its just not fun
blaming God isn’t even on the page of reality
and its saying I choose to die
that’s why it feels so heavy when we believe a lie
ITs God screaming from within the depths of your being
I am not in that thought.
it hurts when we believe a lie
ive done itI’ve many times
you can want hold onto the lie
you can hide it in your heart but know this
your one with God you hide nothing form him
because you are one with him
in your heart
To say in your heart
No one will ever love me
it’s a lie that urinates on the cross of Jesus and all He has done for you
It is to reject the Now of now
and it will kill you if you feed it
kill your spirit
then take your mind
then ravage your body with death
Don’t run form the lie but don’t feed the lie or it will grow
Take it to Him
ask him to bring it into the light and then ask Him why He allowed it?
No in an accusatory way
as if you have become Gods judge
Feeding lies will lead to a
harden your heart
make you bitter and kill you literally
spit it out
talking about it is good w God is good
bring it to the light
but then let it go to the pit of hell
In the presence of God is truth
you will find peace
Cry if you must
be real
feel all the pain every bit of it
don’t hide from it
the way to freedom is always through
hide not
the answer is never I regret
that’s going backward
as if to say I made a mistake to trust you oh God
oh no no this is not the path to life liberty
and jubilant joy that is as ecstatic bliss
the path is through
through the cup of suffering
so march on forward
feel it all sister
if you must
in your car
on a mountain
shout out to the God who you will trust
tell him it hurts it is wretched
I hate it
I don’t understand but still, I will praise your name
and still, I will follow you
and you will find a joy that most will never know
you will find a freedom higher than the highest bird of the air
you will find a love deeper than the love of a mother father or lover because He is all of this
You will find wisdom and poise
and hope that never escapes you
it is all worth it
I promise
you are never alone not ever
though we are alone
we could be alone in him and this is the great adventure to coming awakening the beauty of your love
it is not meaningless
your pain is doing something
of course, you cant see it
but Love, I promise you he is working your dreams for you
not to give you but you show you that you have become
the dream with him
I tell you only out of this place does abundance flow.

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