Freedom Miracles and The Ditches


The God of the universe will and does come down and divinely touch us. He will free us faster than a flash of light because He is the light of all lights. People sing and dance about this all the time but a wise person will take heed of this truth.

True freedom is always freely given but the Spirit of Wisdom reminds me that you must not just receive your freedom but you must be willing to take that freedom and walk it out in the hard places where temptation, anguish, and proving occur. These are the rocky paths on this journey we call life.

This process is a simple one and modern day science says it take s 21 days to re-wire the Nero plasticity in your brain. So apparently the God of the universe as presented in the word of God when not in the hands of a religion is consistent with modern-day neuro research data and testimonials proved by science.

Most people say the two ditches are religion and anarchy but I disagree. I define religion and anarchy as two identical garments of rags much the same just showcased differently in colors.
The reason I say this is because both the core value norms and beliefs are rooted in pride and ethnocentrism which is a fancy word in intercultural communication which means I’m right, your wrong if you would only be like me then you would be ok.

So the two real ditches of detoured freedom are Religion/Anarchy and La La Mystic Fairytale Christianity where it only rains gums drops and coco crispies within a magic world where there is no pain suffering or obstacles that don’t go away with a simple little wish.

the truth is in the middle. The sovereign God of this universe, our Father, who is and was and will always He does grant instant freedom. Freely given. If you are interested in staying free there is a path we must all journey on. It is the worst and best of times but you always come out shining like a rare diamond and you will become the very freedom you seek. It’s the journey of oneness and wholeness.
ITs the path to meet our true selves beyond the personas we have created to survive and to please people, it is only in this place where you meet God. Standing face to face with your face, not the one you created to hide behind. Only when we are ready to take off our masks, get raw and real and learn that rejection, messy and failure are all apart of the journey, only then will we ever truly find the gold at the end of the rainbow. I am sorry if you wanted to read a post about my magical God. He is the God of mystery and wonder that is for certain but He is also the go of now. He will meet you in your now. WIll you be willing to meet you in your now is the real question. This is what it will take to be free. He really does it all but you have to be willing to let go. Freedom is freely given but then you must receive it and let it posses you. Freedom is the Spirit of the most high God. It’s not a destination, its a person Jesus.

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