Sandpaper Rag Doll no more


Sandpaper rag doll 

In the toy store of heaven

I fell from the sky

one eye missing  the other sew shut

stained and soiled

dirty dress with many tears

sandpaper rag doll

of no one cares

yarn all tangled such a mess

this was the I

the sandpaper rag doll

a doll you found in the box marked  no more


broken dreams like windows  covered in despair

why would the toymaker make such a sight to see

why oh why toy maker Did you make me

Sitting on the shelf of unlove

rotting away day by day

as if I was the worlds voodoo doll

pin and prick and head held on by a stick

I was  I was  I was

Clearance sale of despair

box marked send to  charity

feeling so alone

the pain of heartbreak

charity closed it door

nowhere to run nowhere to go

there is no rejected toy store

laying in the puddle in the graveyard of you will never be

I cried out to the TOymaker

I said will you be my Waymaker?

then I heard a mighty stirr

the ground did begin to shake

piece by piece

moment by moment

He held me

He gave me His eyes to see

mangled  yarn no more

now  angels in heaven

adorn my hair with fire

and the dress I wear

is one you can not buy

in any toystore

for the breath of the one who is and will always be

blew heavens kiss over me

and said Rainbow child

one marked with fire



and the wind spun

and star dusting of light fell from the sky

dancing to a different beat

so much glory

spinning twirling spinning faster yet more to go

eminences life

a burst of blazing victory

alive in me

no more soiled

no longer toiled

no longer a rag doll

no more pins that prick me

I’m wearing the  stress fo victory

it’s the wind that blows

with his glory, it flows

it has a song

and it is a dance

it is the fire by day

and the fire by night

it is the voice that’s says

it’s alright

covered in heavens kind of skin

where the God and I exist

alone never  not even close

it’s heaven within

no longer does this sandpaper rag doll exist

for the dust did crack

and the clay that captured the beauty of what always was

has been broken and melted away and all that remains is me

the beauty Rainbow Child of Promise

Daughter of Love

drenched in heavens beauty











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