wrapped up in Victory…​ I found in me

A heart filled with wonder


what would a world feel like

if they remembered me

if I could dance and sing

and celebrate all they sing

if the song they proclaim

they extended to me

if their freedom was for me

I have my freedom

I sing of it all day and night

I watch the birds greet each new day

I watch the trees dance

they greet me each day

the wind and the waves

the flow through me

like the one who is and is to come

the fire for the kiss

that burns in my heart

breaks the dry grounds that cracks at my feet

I carry your love my GOd to the streets

walk with me a hand in hand

take me through the fire

let it not burn or consume me

I am ablaze with your love

I am saturated with the beauty of you

dancing girl

dancing girl

fly free

lighten up my heart oh God

taek me deeper farther than my mind can dream

take me past the still waters

your patures and stream

relaease to me

release to me

release to me

taht I amy know you love

where ever it is I go

let me see the beauty of who I am

let me know the wonder of how I take you’re breathe away

let me know you closer than closer

deeper that deep

the heartbeat of humanity and my Ogd a love in me

Bring us together heart to heart

and breath to breathe

no more tears

no more pain

let it all go down the drain

Be the shining light

be the shining grace

illuminate  my face

THen the night breaks and a new dawn has begun

IT is raining heavens glory

time to tell the full story.

I am in you Jesus, I will follow where you lead.

You carry my feet, you create my thoughts, you move my heart,

you set my eyes ablaze full of love

and wonder and awe and you give my hands what they need to hold,

you are my ears, you are my wind, you are the fire within me that I cannot contain.

WIll I follow you?

We are one.

SO where your feet say to go my feet go.

WHere you heart says love, my heart beats and breaks with yours for all of humanity and then in a moment..

I hand it all to you.

WIll I follow ….we are one?

WHere you go I am and as you are I will be

because we are not two or three five six or seven.

I see victory my King of Kings,

It’s inside of me

my Lord of Lords you are

the GOd of numbers,

the God of letters,

the God of pictures.

You are.

and we are.

and you will always be

and we will always be.

Will I follow?

every breath that is in me is yours.

SO breathe your breathe

and move my feet

and capture my heart all over again.

Until I know without a single doubt

that you are

as I am

as we will always

be wrapped up in your victory

for all of humanity.





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