Together we are and will always be! Awaken​ us to love together until we​ find free

Together we are together
Not going deep but going wide
hand by hand with one another
side by side with my brother
and one with a God who doesn’t quit
who broke the bridal and took away the bit.
Ride away white horse
ride through the clouds of air
carry me higher
in the universe high up
we fly through the stars of heaven
and the earth below
over up away and through we go
Freer than free is God exploding thru me,
washing the water
flooding away
from the dark horsemen the riders of the night.
The ones cause the war I am to fight.
Liars of Religion you are
Dare to speak the doom of a God of love
who extends His hand from up above
THis GOd of love who says
Let’s unite
the only way to fight
is together
in Him
TOgether in love
love in action
is the God of compassion
He is the one who says
brother sister mother
father and friend
Let’s begin to mend
Says the one who  says
put down your sword
Don’t you fight!
Let me show you
the way through
As if the brother standing next to you
was ever separated from God or you
The light of God is the heart of Love
it’s seeing what is good in another
It’s being willing to take a chance
when you might lose it all
just so another doesn’t fall
it’s Love
It’s light
it’s truth
it’s victory
living inside of you
inside of me
together we are
oneness its true
My God in me
and my God in you
stop looking up
as if the clouds haven’t already begun to speak
if rain falls down
then what can we say?
Maybe to our maker there is another way
THere is
THere is
He is the treasure buried
hidden inside of you.
Why do you run and look to another
for the answers that you seek
He is found in the humble-hearted and the meek
He is found in the beggar
the child crying out to you
Be wise to listen to the birds of the air
for the GOd that you seek
is int he molecules of air
He’s in the trees
and buzzes with the honey bees
He is in the business merger
the one that says Ill give not just take
and he is with the wanderer
who doesn’t sleep at night
He’s in the watchmen who pray and walk the streets at night
He is in both the teacher and the student
He is the maker and the shaker and even the taker so give more
give till its all on the floor
and there is nothing left to hold on to for your dear life
He is in the moments of contention
and yes He is in the whirlwinds of strife
He is
He is
and He will always be the God of victory
I found in Christ in me
He is in the liberal
He is in even the confounded deaf and blind
He is even in the one
afraid to take a chance
He is the Lord of all the dance
He is the worker who slaves all day
and He is the one who waits on destinies door
with hands held out saying of you, I want more
He is the scientist
even the ones who got it all wrong
He is  the rockstar
the one who in the waves is tossed
for a song of God, cant be lost
Emerge He will
Cant place him locked down on a window sill
He is greater than your biggest dought
and He greater than the effects of any pill
He is and He will always be God alive in humanity
He made a way
It is His day
It always was and will always be
FOr God came down to melt into the beauty of humanity
So as much as we fight quarrel
He provides the nuts for the squirrel
and even though humanity has forgotten its face
and even though contempt seems more rapid than grace
Don’t discount the GOd of now
DId you think He forgot He is GOD somehow
Arise to hope
Arise to loves call
and join together
with all of humanity
who cries out to the picture of God
that in their minds’ eyes they see
and yet you grab your stage to talk
as if you understood their walk
put down your follow me
throw away your looking glass
oh Mr, Minister man
who thinks He can
Don’t you know  your words we can not follow
for your pride, you have yet to swallow
There is one who is so near
and there is one who is so dear
He isn’t more in you than me
He is awakening all of humanity
awaken not to look at me
not to sing my song and you’ll be free
no, my God is so much greater than this
He is and He will be and He doesn’t need your help
so stop all your whining like a dog you squelch
Be still
Be still
shh hush don’t say a word
Let the spirit move
feel heavens grove
He says I will do the talking from here
to now and even then
FOr in the hearts of man
I dwell again
ITs a new day
God has come to  meet humanity
no more look like me
from the mouthpiece they say is God
He speaks a roaring thunder
He says go low,  Let his presence be
what you’re under
He is one with the broken hearted
or don’t  you yet know?
the ones who proclaim with their trumpets and flare
 they say, Look unto me
I will be the one who is there?
they wear  the chains of religion
and they offer you shame
But the Lion of Judah has turned the tides
and parted the red seas
He alone carries your victory
It’s a new day,  He’s taking back his NAME
I call from the north
I call out for victory
not liking this site
that in the distance I see
Lords of the storm alive in me
what do you show me?
what is this I see?
The dark horse w its riders of strife
and doom death and dismay
on the mountain
 ready to yell charge
But wait there is another story.
No need to run or chase after heavens glory.
The white horse takes to flight.
Up up and away He carries you.
Wind of winds and song of songs He is
He is in this place
In this race
Arise to the new day which has kissed the morn of dawn
Are u ready for heavens debut
It starts with you
Awaken to the kiss of love
No longer looking for a God above
Though above He sits on the Throne of Most High
He is the diamond in your eye
Awaken awaken
Oh bride its true
The king of kings has come to wed with you
No more searching high and low
It’s over under through we go
Through the suffers
Through all that’s insane
Through the sins of men distain
Through the blood that never stains
Through the wrenching pain
Soar high light a plane
Let him carry you
And steam engine locomotive to the sky
Take the Holy Spirit Express
Its all in heavens time
It cost The Father more than a dime
Will u join heavens rhythm
Be undone
Undone in who we are in Him
And who we are as one

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