Wise Old Oak Tree what Do you see?


Wise Oak Tree
What do you see
Up in your branches so tall
Will you let your wisdom on us fall
The leaves start to rumble
I hear a mighty roar
The wind begins to stir
Visions of angels
Off in a blur
This what I heard from the Wise Oak Tree
He says the path to understanding
I will show you if you follow me
See what I see
Hear my sound
Let your thoughts of you
Fall to the ground
Let the story begin
But remember I hold the win

Open heavens glance,                                                                                                                 window handle begins to crank                                                                                                     the pane of forever and the sill of yesterday is not more                                                        what we see is but a glance                                                                                                        nothing left to chance

IT is not meaningless, this thing you call your pain                                                                    each moment is as its light like my leaves                                                                                 every trial that you face                                                                                                                      it is as  meaningful as the sun is to the day                                                                                    and the rain that plays its symphony                                                                                                on the hard dry ground                                                                                                                    drip drop drip drop                                                                                                                           do you hear heavens sound                                                                                                                                        Calling you out of the rubble                                                                                                    where distraction builds it nest and says keep your treasures to yourself                               no no no wrong way sign  if you look to the trees who give your air                                                     in  oneness breath is simply always there                                                                                        no need to scurry no need to worry                                                                                                each new day   glory brings                                                                                                            but what do I see                                                                                                                            when I close my eye and sit with the owl and watchmen of the night                                           I shall show you what I see

Shut down
Break down
A Disconnected
Take the bark off the dog
The meow from the kitty
The honey from the hive
Strip the trees
Suck the oil from the core
Give me more more more
Take take take
shes of pain
Humanities lost in loveless distain
Broken to the core
No more children dancing
Opportunity squandered from the poor                                                                                 
Dreams of wonder fall like acorns from the sky                                                                             yet somehow humanity forgot that together is how we sew
The wind needs the waves and the bat needs the caves                                                            the lightning needs the Whats up is down
And round and round we go
But heavens not left the earth                                                                                                                              

Or don’t u know
There is a tree
Whos roots are pure
And through this vine
We are once again humankind
Connected we are
Connected we shall always be
That’s why u should care about whats happening w me
So separate u think u are
No no no it will never be
Not in this place
While the hands of time still tick
From tick to tock
We go
Together as one
Like it or not
We are all one
Never separate
Says the wise Oak Tree

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