Rainbow colors of oneness we are

Rainbow colors of light we are

You cant take out the red, orange or blue

we become a promise together

don’t you know its true

Raindrops falling on my heart so long

Just a dreaming girl

Am I purple?

Am I green?

When will with the other colors with their beauty I get to gleam

I see you shinning so brilliantly up high with in the sky

But my prism of wonder you don’t want to keep?

I don’t know why

don’t you know that colors of light

shine and radiant together?

I sit here waiting for you

My rainbow colors

of which I am always part

for you to awaken to the promise we are together

I sit here up in my cloud here in the sky

knowing alone cant

is never true

that is why

humanity oneness

I miss you

my rainbow colors

near me I cant ye yet see

scattered echoes of light in the vast vast dark of night

but here from  the inside out

I remember I am one

with the promise of light

so I am not afraid of the night

and though I am yet still one

with the one who was and is and is to be

my heart still wants to be connected with  humanity

with a heart full of roses

thorns pierce my fingers

the light within me drops to the ground

rainbow colors is what I bleed

One drop for the poor

who sit at heavens door

one drop for the one who has yet to be crowned with love

who  misery has spoken can I have this  dance

and one drop for those who were told

that they lost their last chance

here’s another one for you

for you, I bleed two

One drop for the one who thinks He is what He  does

its never enough and it will never be

you cant earn your place in history

I bleed a drop for you Mr task man

Heres to you

the masterpiece

buried treasure

hidden behind the mask

in the face, you hide

for don’t you know even beloved even

Jesus cried.

Colors of light

Rainbow glory from the one who Is and will always be

One with humanity

Let He who has ears to hear

Let He who has eyes to see

come alive in wonder

I’ve laid my life down for humanity

but they don’t want to play with me

I’m one with the One who IS

My legs Following in oneness

step by step with the Risen King

melted into THE ONE who is LIGHT


my promise

drop by drop as my heart does break

it’s true

because I cant one with being one

without you

I’m not heavens clone

we are one

all of the creation

that is the untold story

so lay down your every worry

hand and hand we rise

one by one  well stand

in the hands of Love

the author

the finisher

The one who is and will always be

everything inside of me

Do you know He is everything

He lives inside of you?

were are one

In intercessory prayer

I cry away tears of despair

in this place of ecstatic bliss

joy comes alive

In my heart,

In oneness with my brother

I hold each hand

even though  on this earth

they will not extend

a hand to me

and in this place of heaven

I will sing with the band

I will build castles of sand

I’m in my  promise land

and we will be together

mother father daughter and child

running with the horses  majestic and wild

I will walk into the boardroom and lay for them a plan

and ill say in just the right words so they will understand

one by one we will join

seeing the gifts through heavens eyes

only oneness of together

together one will be

this is the picture of free

you cant have oneness without me

shards of light I cry

a rainbow promises from the sky

for the heart of humanity

tis my heart

tis my heartbeat

that they would smile again

and remember the joy in together

that they would dance in wonder

not be held down dragged down under

that heavens kiss be found today

not in a building

not in a song

not in a book

not in a service

‘but in the heart of Love

and in one another

falling falling

let me be the paintbrush of you my God

religion must die for love to arise

no more seeing what is broken

why can we together just live

does the bird speak words to the air

You must carry me?

Does it submit a formal request

Or does the synergy of all that is

whisper in the ears of all that is

do not you fret or worry

about what you can

with your eyes see

swimming in the ocean, the waves carry me to and fro

lost in the vastness of expansion

earth wind fire and breath

with all that I am

with all that I will ever be

I sit here right now

wondering when the hands of time will once again begin

when my daughter could play with another

and id be more than just a mother

just a mother whats that even mean

as if I was and will never be

anything other than the title given to me

sing sing sing another song

let the trumpets of glory begin to play

I am I am I am with all I will ever be

waiting for opportunity

waiting for oneness

waiting to join the rainbow of promise with all of the creation

for all of the eternity


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