A walk in the Hands of Time

 Awakened to head cold again?
No THE ONE of LIGHT paid my due.
Light of Lights, my Jesus who is is light and  love alive in me
Have your way
Then the closet door moves ever so slowly and it’s my teenager grabbing my shirt hanging in my closet. There’s just one.
Oh, I see you but more than that I felt the sneak u walked in and told him to go.
That’s my shirt I say.
Hang your clothes and you’ll have lots to wear.
Attitude tempts me getting shot at me like a volleyball
Then I remember
She’s beautiful beyond measure.
That devil wants me to start my day in a funk
Afflictions must go
Assignments canceled
They won’t last in heavens flow
I’m in heaven w God even in this place
With body ache
And respect forsook
Arise, arise
I turn the dial
So tired of this
Wait a little while
To feel good
That’s just too insane
I’m not insanity
And insanity has no part in me
So look show me your face
Let your presence fill this place
Where your promises are found
Under the rainbow
the shattered glass
Where the proud walk on
And the beggars of this life
by nature
Still fast
Awaken awaken awaken
The time has come tick tock
Jesus the face of the clock
W Eyes of fire and thunder
Hands of time burning up yesterday
Father time has let the coo coo bird sing
Are u?
Are you?
Where will love find you?

Will you  be collecting sapphires and opals for your treasure chest                                        don’t you know what u sew  you reap                                                                                         Buried treasures in the street                                                                                                     Hidden in the brokness of man

There is only one I Am
Yet you think they can?
Do it just do it
I heard someone whiper in my ear
In this place of wonder and magesty
Do what i cried out
A room so dark I couldnt see
Mouse in the clock
Gears spinning round
Oh keeper of time
The beauiful one w fire in His face
I step into your time
My life has no reason
My life has no rhyme
Seconds spin backwards
minutes spin forward on
But life happens
Here and now
In this moment
In this happenstance
Drenched in heavens glance
Inside the Clock of ages
Where its always stays the same
Distractions fall
The wind swirls more
Falling free falling
Mercy and grace
Hands of time hold me
Just do it
Just do it
He means let go.
Who says God can’t stop time
Spoke way too soon.
He is the one who gave crators
to the moon
He Holds the wind up key
Tick tock
Tick tock
Its a new day

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