Walk on through


It’s through! Heaven is through and its here right now. It isn’t tomorrow and it isn’t found in yesterday. Heaven is mathematical and scientific and it’s inside us. Were all connected, and God He has always been. He will always be. Why would we wait to be Hope? Why would be the wait to be love in action? God is love in action. God is hope. God is love and love is God and He is everywhere. We carry hope alive in us. The awakening is what I have been talking with Holy Spirit about. I prayed for the Spirit of wisdom to visit me and dance with me. Oh, I love how when you follow God He takes you up over under around and through. The trials here they bring out compassion in us. We were sent here to learn compassion. It is our privilege. I got such good instructions today. Such confirmations. I met an angel named HOPE today. She was like me. I was bubbly dancing so much. She walked right up to me, I had loved a homeless friend and He said I am going to get my friend. She ran up to me and said I know you, your like me. My name is Hope. I understand you. They understand you, its because you carry truth. I felt her words go right through me like a double edge sword. I couldn’t barely help but jump in the air. I would go to speak a word and then at the same time she would. WE WOULD SAY THE SAME THINGS OVER AND OVER. IT WAS SO COOL. She said you know of the physics of heaven. I said you know that music is math she said, of course, I do everything is music and everything is math. I was leaping in the air, I think I could fly but it wasn’t a vision it was for real. Not that visions and encounters aren’t real but she was like in the 3 dimmential state. We spoke at the same time and we talked about the galaxies and the things God shows me that I never talk about. She said they don’t understand what you carry. You open things up they think you talk too much, you don’t talk enough. when you speak heaven opens up to you. It’s in here. He is. I said you’re fully awake she said of course I am is there anywhere other to be. My friend says when did you meet Jesus, she said Jesus has always been what do you mean? Then she looks at my friend and said Jesus will always be, When will you let go? You don’t have to try He’s right here, She knows. I jumped up and leaped yes. She pointed to my daughter and so oh there’s a bright one, she knows whats going on. Bold she is. Zoey as quiet as could never even speak but yes that’s my heavens fire, tucked in a smile of a child I call mine but is His and his alone. We smiled.
I couldn’t leave. I had to go get my other friends. I said I have someone very special for you to meet. She knows about the wind in Hebrews 1 8 we were studying today. The whirlwind! She looks at me and says I must tell you darkness is coming very soon, very very very dark. I said I know He showed me. but Fear not He is, then she says of course He is and we are and we shine and reflect His brightness like chandeliers we are in Him. She said yes. SHe said you feel it all. I said I do. I said it hurts, I cry. SHe said I know I do too, its love the highest power. He is we are I said yes! She said it hurts to be compassion so deep in here as she touched my tummy, I said I know. SHe said it’s lonely you think, I said yes it is. She said alone doesn’t exist. It’s an illusion you know. I said I keep asking him to let me push through and fully awake I’m so close, but I try too hard and you know.. she said yes it just is He is you are we are. I said Jesus and then she says Hope in action I said yes! Heaven came to earth to see us tonight. We gave blankets to the meek warriors of heaven in disguise. Oh, I love them. I do belong with to them where love is alive and a brother means something. My beautiful daughter bagged to go bags, my awesome love in action friends handed out homemade soup and hugs and prayer and real relationship. Oh I love heaven on earth it’s the opposite of outreach Love in action does reach out in it pulls love in, we are all particles of love waiting to be awakened to Love, love in action. I have never found it in a building with walls. We are the building and Jesus tore down all the walls. Consuming fire of heaven burn through the streets as its 20 degrees out. Be the latern of heaven. Consuming fire consuming fire burn away the pain, with my friend with pancreatic cancer who could barely stand and my other friends who were shivering. Consuming fire burn away their pain tonight as their human bodies go through the pain and stink of the cold tonight. Let Hope in action burn and dance a war dance that will ignite a generation of compassion in action, not in a stadium but in the hearts of everyday life. BUrn away all of me God. there is no longer an I and God BUt only WE. Consuming fire awakens my soul to only you alive in me. Consuming fire burn me awake into you until you’re all I see everywhere I look cause you are everywhere my consuming fire, my God. and thank you for the angel of Hope visiting me and teaching me so much. I will burn with the truth you imparted to me oh God. Your so funny God every time I try to serve you, you bless me? I love you, God. Thank You for teaching me my questions. Lord awaken my soul, fully into who what is and what will always be. Holy Ghost fire, fresh winds blow. Oh wow, I have learned so much tonight, more than I could ever learn reading a book. You brought me the Spirit of wisdom tonight God. WOooha. I’m still twirling, spinning in circles around and around and around you spin me, my God. I’m your music box dancer and forever I will shine the hologram light of heaven. I love to smell the colors and see them and feel them, your rainbows of promise. so yummy alive in you. Thumb dumb thumb dumb thumb dub goes my heart of love for you and for your beatitude iful people. You came out of your way Ogd you sat down to speak to me, your so amazing my God. I’m awestruck for you my God. You delight my soul. Just for me. You waited for me. You called me out, again. When I thought I was none you showed me who I was yet again. You are. and Now. and here and through and because and for and you are God, and you didn’t let go. and you won’t and you cant because you are love in action you are love alive you are heaven and you are earth, you are all things. where I would be without you? what a silly thought? I cant be without God were awake and were one. You are here, you are breath, you are water and you are life, Is there any other way to shine? Love alive beat beat beat in my heart. Love you are I am love in action because I am one with love and can do nothing, but be in action or isn’t love. Ha hA HA. I WENT TO FEED THE HOMELESS AND GOD FED ME! I SANG NOT BY MIGHT NOT BY POWER BUT BY YOUR SPIRIT GOD SEND YOUR SPIRIT GOD AND YOU DID BECAUSE YOU ARE

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