The gift of music and the dance of intercession music box dancer dances again


The gift of music and the dance of intercession, music box dancer dances again!

Music. We get to enjoy the frequencies of heaven right here. The beauty as it melts into us, releasing the goodness of a God who is so passionately in love with us.I can feel him move through my body like a wave of glory as I hear each note. I am a storm of his love. I am an ocean of his passion I am a tsunami of his fire and I am a whirlwind of his life a torch a wildfire a shimmering sparkle that brightens the night with an amber glow

the beauty of beauties
kiss of mercy
dressed with grace
crowned with splendor
anointed lips of truth
dripping with oil
ready to burst in fragrant of eternity
dewdrop of heaven
the Fathers tear draws near
collected in His alabaster jar
we wait for you
we wait for that moment
when your presence
ignites a wave of peace
a rainfall of wonder
all over the world
sons and daughters awake
arise from their slumber
brokenhearted no more
heavens gates are open
hinges off the door
the father to the fatherless has opened up will call
with open arms the promise
he holds your victory
father to the fatherless
it is on you that we call
diamond on my finger
you said the real ones within my eye
the light of God I carry
sparkles light up the room
I am a city on a hill
won’t you dance with me
begin to move your feet
for glory shall invade the street
the song that sets the captives free
the song of victory
laying on the city streets
amongst the rocks and rubble
some say she’s a mess
others call her trouble
but I know a different story
of this girl of stars and wonder
who carries heaven within her heart
who knows the end and waits for a start
if it comes she says Ill dance so bright
and it does not, well it’s not her fight
for shes marked by heaven in a different way
while grown ups work to make themselves big
she walks the streets of pain alone
and of her life, she chose to give
following the footsteps of heaven
following the waters within her that move
dancing to a different groove
this daughter who dances with the King
the ONE
that author of everything
Father of the Fatherless
CInderellas not who you think she is transparency is her slipper glass
rags are royally
and gold is not just made of mass
There are angels among us
Oh don’t you know its true
in the most peculiar places
standing right in front of you
compassion in action
gives you more gifts than you dare to give
and in a place of surrender
you will find the life you dreamed you would
Heavens upside down
please hear these words I heard her say
God is love in action
which is called compassion
I learned that a night I went to give
but instead, I found a new way to live
in the eyes of an angel
reflecting heavens light
dressed in the rags of humanity
tending to the weak
Heaven comes to those who with a pure heart
seek the heart of Jesus
and we shall feel their prayers
burdens shared intercession cry
flow of all flow
a Fathers love
and heaven replies
and without a word
but with hands of love
and wings of the dove
that speak the language of love
crying out for love no more
shall the city streets of gold be
diamonds scattered and city streets
where heaven and earth meet

nickels in cans

bags to keep your dry

tears have fallen from


but none shall you keep not any longer shall you weep

for the hand that holds you

has heard your plea

and as the music plays

you will sing the song

sweet surrender


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