Scattered Diamonds and City Streets


Heavens fire fill this place

waters moving within me

send your mercy to the ones

who sits in snowfall tonight

on the  cold wet ground

Scattered Diamonds and City Streets

guard their shiver

let not their spirits and bodies wither

Lord send your angels of fire

to the city streets where your Gold does gather

after the world has gone to their comfort zones

forgive them, Father,

I cast no stones

looking out the window

winters sting has begun to fall

Send your fire to your shiny one

diamonds walking through the fire

huddled up amongst trash and litter

let their hearts not grow bitter

their prayer is simple

to see another day

and that their new beginning was on it way

Lord bring your rain

the luster of heaven


diamonds in the sky

all seen

if you get a gleam

a glance

a stare

in the eyes of heaven

where love and light exist

in the treasures of light in disguise

Scattered Diamonds and City Streets

they will not see  demise

diamonds scattered about

but found in

the  brokenhearted’s eye

where truth does lie in wonder

and mercy has found its resting place

footsteps of a King who Is and Was and will always be

took these steps before

Open wide Heavens door

to the ones who glimmer and carry your light

Scattered Diamonds and City Streets




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