Tell me who was here before the world began?
Tell me who holds the world to come to be?
tell me who moves the waters in the heavens and below the skies and in the depths of man?
The one who rains from glory
forever and forever more
the great I am
the one who calls my name
the one the stars declare the glory of
the one I bow to in song and humility
I declare He alone is God
He is the unnamed God to many
but to me His name is Hallelujah
To me, his name is victory alive in me
to me the one who brings me to my knees
with desperate pleas
so that I may know
which way to go
I sing Hallelujah lifting my voice of praise
Can you hear me
DO you feel this song alive in me
I have not yet complete eyes of understand
but to you Oh sing I will sing
I enter the place of your Holy of Holies
I worship you with all that I am
I am is you
My God
I worship you
every cell jumping in jubilee
my substance my being
cries you are Holy You are Holy
Your name I Am
Holy you are
I enter into this place
Falling,  falling into the one who Is I AM
Vibrations of sound
light filled with promise
colors of red, colors of blue
colors of green that flows from inside
Holy Holy fire you are
white as snow
no other way to go but through
enter the gates of thanksgiving
that I could even begin to know
You are Holy Lord you are Holy
Holy Holy, not another word to tell
not a teaching
not a preaching
not a pill
not about my will
you are
You are
Holy Holy
entirely separate from the understanding I think I know
that is why up is down
and you are the one
who hold the golden ladder lift me out of the pit
my two or more you are in one
Father Spirit Son
RInging freedoms bell
let the ocean of your presence swell
your glory your glory
let the weight of your glory flow
raining,  raining pouring down from the sky
do you see it
the sun shines when it rains glory
rain that’s not wet to touch
it fills the wind and carries the air
enter into your presence to honor you
to honor you
to honor you
I am is you
I am you are
worship not just a pretty song
purify my heart oh my God
oh my soul
you alone are Holy
step by step we have walked this journey of a thousand miles yet I have taken not a single step
my feet don’t move
my heart cries, Lord
I’m in this pit
I’m in this hole
a tunnel do deep
a tunnel of isolation
you say alone is an illusion
I know this from the inside depths is true
for how could I be alone in you
the one who calms the sea
the one who burns fire inside of me
the one who gives the bird it chirp and flight of air
the God I am who is always there
lift up my heart
oh my God
that I should know you hold my times today
lift my eyes to you my God let me not be more over or under
only in and through you,  My God my Jesus my Jesus the author of my everything
You are
You are
birds have taken to flight
the clock of wonder has begun to sing
tick tock tick tock
I am the mouse and you are the clock
My God my God
you are
running through the crevasses
a birds eyes view from on top
gears shift
gadgets run
round and round they go
round and round
click click click
don’t you hear the hands of time
move us yet were still
surrendering to the sound of your heartbeat
I am a cog
I am a wingnut
caught up in a man-made machine
consume me oh Lord
that my fire be too hot for this machine to devour
let the weight of your glory rest on me this very hour
Let the weight of your glory fall
cover me
cover me
like a blanket to my soul
my God my God
Let me be your hidden mole
I enter through the blood of the lamb
waterfalls of light
pouring like rain over me
this is the place of victory
Do I ever have to leave this place
let me never find a moment I separate from this thought
you are Holy
Holy my God
Lost in numbers
triangles of green connected in unity
where hand in hand becomes what they call a brother
where love and mercy become your mother
and separate no longer means left to go under
I worship you I worship you my two or more
till society remembers how
overturn my earth my God
bring your harvest plow
my God of love inside of me
melted into wonder
melted into bliss
melted into every dream
you are
you are
you are
my destination of that I seek
my key to a pure heart and how to be meek
Holy Holy the humble God who waits
the one who gives and never takes
lift me up I don’t understand
Holy what is Holy
Holy Holy what is Holy
the tear that falls from the Fathers face
Holy Holy
one drop one fall
of your water my Jesus heaven on earth is what compassion shall bring
Your compassion mixed with mine
you are Holy you are Holy
it means you never let me go
even when this life I do not know
but you oh God
You oh king of majesty
you are Holy
this is all I know
let the waves of your glory cover us this day
sweep us up in the life of your river alive in us
let it flow
Let the truth of the city high on a hill be the destination that we seek
high above the noise
lost in the silence of you
Let your glory fall
drop by drop
your rain grabs me
starting to drizzle oh rain of heaven rain of God, the one who claims my soul
I feel the flow I see the light it dances down in trickled glory
a musical sympathy straight from the Fathers’ heart
steady stream of flow
I worship you
I worship you this I am who falls like rain
drenching my soul
taking away all the I don’t know
You are Holy you are Holy you are
the winds no longer a gentle breeze
lost in your love like ice i freeze
caught up in the glance
there is no second chance
the phone of God calls us now
Do not be disturbed
let it not be my response
Let me stop
let me pause
let me not miss the rain
you are Holy you are
Holy wind and waves you are
Oceans start to swelling
ground been rumbling for days
you can feel it in the air
the grimness that been found in the dark of dark
like a prowling shark
circling me
I am in the dark
I am in the dark drifting far far far far
lighthouse I can not see you
drifting drifting away in the thoughts from man
out to sea you take me
winds of heaven break me
wash my mind
clean my soul
unhook the ties
release the anchor that keeps me lost without a trace
wrapped me in your vessel white water glory take me ; under
pulled with your rip tow effect
under under not a single breath I breathe
dying is death till its not
untying knots
loosing the grip
the cords of hell that chain your people
I hand to you
You are Holy you are hOly
Let the waves of your glory carry me to under
under under

I cant not see anything
I cannot hear
I feel nothing
in this silent place
upside down fairytale
realities dream
begins to flow
alice in a land of wonder
mat hattery the voice in my ear
the calls of man say to your destiny you must draw near
but I know another truth
it moves in the depths of who I AM
tickle me with your smile
giggles of bubbles of champagne wonder
Holy of Holys
Godlen ladders extending
not up or down but sideways
sideways spinning into a a wind the winds
tick tock tick tock teh hands of time move yet again
Spinning spinning spinning
so fast so fast
here it goes again
I am I am I am you are
carpet ride in the sky above
nothing is real with out the hands of love
you are Holy Holy Holy
I let go
I am the carpet
you are the ride
we are
we are
we are
In the land of wonder
in the place of dreams
that is more than a rabbit hole
or a beyond what I think I know
with you my God forever I shall go
the universe of stars
water all around
mercy grace abound
fireworks of light alive in me
when I enter into the one of all possible
Holy is to know
where you carry me
I will go
blow me like the wind
I do not need to know
but your water that moves within my depths I do know
each day I feel you roar
I’m learning a language of another kind
where a word isn’t what you speak
Those who wish to find must seek
The living word
alive within
the one who is HOLY

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