I have a dream

I have a dream
What would it look like if there were teams of love in action? No outreach just ordinary people willing to hug people and be family one night a week for a few hours under the bridge. Instead of making potluck at church, we make homemade soups our best dishes, not the cheap ones. No fixing, no agendas, just being human and carrying love to the ones who God is close too. To really pour our love out at the feet of Jesus. More than a song. A response. ANd we took turns just being love in action. Not ministry human! Heaven on earth. Not serving loving. LIke in the animal kingdom but with people who carry Love. No religion. Doesn’t matter what your story is. If you have a heart and are willing to be love then we bring our guitars and we celebrate that we all still carry the heart of God. No look at ME. TaKing our children with us. Ok ya at first they will complain but what they will learn?. Turning off the internet, Tv agendas and work, shopping whatever, one night for 2 hours. TO BE HUMAN. To value our species. To honor our God our God, the God in us.
I have a dream that God in us is greater than anything in this world.
I have a dream we will figure it out
I have a dream we will awaken
It’s time for humanity to be human

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