Heartbeat of humanity still at risk



Ok, Im done with the shooter talk!
You want a conversation? Bring it on!
Our entire way of life is failing our kids.
Everything on sustaining your life is distorted.
No one can afford to be home with their kids
We check out on media and load up them up with shooter games, talk about mind conditioning
2 issues
1. look at our education system Its the reason my daughter doesn’t go to public school she went for 6 months and told she was dumb because I couldn’t afford her private school anymore. I was that parent who both my boys were really bullied and beat up. Pounded in the face on the bus. NO one told me until one day He came home fighting with me and I screamed at him in the yard and another boy came up to me and said he gets punched in the face like 20 times on the bus and he doesn’t even protect his face or flinches. I cried. Oh, my goodness How could a bus driver let the go on but he is what we are doing to our kids! My son had loved so he survived. My sons had Teachers putting dunce caps on their heads and making them sit in the front of the class because they were different. yes in America. It happens every day. Why are we so committed to staying in denial?
How does refusing to deal with reality help anything and then we pretend we are outraged. Why? Its the ingredients of a loveless society.
My daughter lived homeless for 7 years after seeing person after person walk right over us. LOL Thank God I taught her love and I got shamed for staying home sitting with her so love could heal what was done to her.
We give no space or time for trauma healing, just drugs and sorry your screwed! Here go to a program. Program don’t; heal! Love heals, safety heals. Conform and care heals. I just sat here alone for a while with no visitors so I get being disconnected but I’m not going to shoot anyone of course. relax! I have autism but I’m not a murder. WHere was my humanity when I was homeless w my daughter for 7 years after I was bullied. I was shamed and said don’t tell. They said You’re emotional! What the heck who wouldn’t be emotional? I was illegally locked out of my home! Still, I get it’s not nice to tell the church name. really? What about the next person? Oh we protect bullies and then people snap and we wonder why? When we aren’t afraid to love people and listen and make time for healing, then we can have a real conversation about gun control and safety. Semi-automatics in the hands of children and active shooter drills have to go!
2. Get guns out of kids hands no brainer

Clearly, something was wrong in this boys life.  His parents died, separately recently (that’s truama).  GIrlfirned breaks up, spiraling behavior.  These are symptoms of a root that had nothing to do with guns.  I think its safe to say that this kid was hurting! OUTCRY in my heart! I say the real monster is the lack of humanity. Something went way wrong before this shooting. Look at his face. Look he so broken its obvious. 18 childrens lives destroyed by the devil not 17. Did they get a brain scan to see if he had a tumor pressing on his fontal lobe? or just throw him under the bus to get gun control and scape goat responsibility! Orphaned child  This reminds me of my post today. How life is hard without love. Now im not saying go shoot people but hello! And the autism comments what the heck???? Autism doesnt kill. Its a differnt brain. You see in video and usually feel everyones pain. Hes probabily an empath who doesnt know how to cope with his sensory and emotions. Most autistic people are. Living in a world where you told your wrong becasue your differnt is hard ;but then loosing his mom? who was prob the only one who understood him? Idk all the story but I know this Im very sad for htis boy. Dear Lord God, Please shine down on this boy. Bring saftey and deliverence to him. Let that enemy off him. Keep the sharks of politics off him. Let him be free Lord God. Bring Jesus to him in his dreams and let him know He is loved too. My heart hurts for not just the families but this boy who deserved more than to be called a monster! They let him down. What kid has a semi automatic weapon ??? Especially one who looses his mom?? If justice is served it might be those who had custody of the gun! Who had the real error here? We thought we had the only key? really? you thought? Who protected this kid? Did they get money form the state to take care of him,? Was it just another stay here loveless situation ? Hows that specualtaion feel? Yucky huh! Ya. exactly. Lord Jesus do what only you can do. I pleed the blood of Jesus over this boy and help me to forgive those parents for thier sick TV interview. I hope they hear from God about their mouths. Jesus deliver them too and my country. My prayer let autistic people stop getting shamed for who they are! Maybe if we live in a world where it’s not a crime to be who you are,  then people who are different  nonstop these things wouldnt happen! Im sick of hearing media blame autism everytime there is a child mass shooting mmm themes here might be the years of comments he no doubt got. I can hear it now. I hear it in churches about autisic kids all the time. So and so is just being so and so. Oh you know how so and so is. YUCK In schools your label emotionally disturbed because they cant chart why your so smart but dont chart at your performace level. Gee your test isnt how we learn so were emotionally disturbed because you cant figure it out! Multi intellegences say we all learn differently but only in US do we acknowledge nuerotypical brains of average intelligence and only one style of learning learning. That leaves the eintsitens of thee world to be label emotionally disturbed. You want to talk about the shooter. Let go! Bring it on! Ill show you plenty of opportunities to stop gun violence. Lets start with treating all kids as if they are smart, capable and beautiful. Lets acknolwedge all learning styles. I can get treated great if I say Im transgender but not autistic????? Heck I myself on my church website get my posts erased because I am too wordy. Sometimes I can do little words but not often. Its how my brain was made by my God! Autism isnt a curse, its a gift misunderstood andd one day Ill be alble to teach the world what they do not know! But for today AMERICA IM ANGRY AT YOU! A semi automatic weapon??? in a emotionally broken childs arms???? Lets at the root issue in education in the united states and see why we are the country creating timebombs and then giving them guns! He wasnt just autistic, he showed signs of antisoical behavior. that’s trauma, not autism. Autistic people dont kill small animals! He was filed. He had trauma from loosing two parents , one suddenly! Oh its autism, no autism doesnt kill!

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