Alive means I’m​ willing to be authentically brilliantly… ME

When we edit the flow of God in others, we clip the Doves wings.
My willingness to be who God made me to be is my responsibility. Growing to be ok w that and agree with God is what I own.
The other part is not mine.
Communication and connection have two sides.
Don’t take offense when others edit your flow Often they are scared of freedom
It takes failure to obtain wisdom
Were all learning
Sometimes people don’t realize the core issue is that they don’t trust God in others just themselves and those they agree with.
Disagreement brings opportunity to step outside of your scope. Your perspectives. What’s too long for you may be too short for someone else. What’s relevant to you may be irrelevant to someone else.
If. A family is ever going to look like family it will have to make room for differences.
A family isn’t we come together and sing cumbia it’s we ea have our lives we intersecting in one another’s lives coming together having different needs but we each have to move to make room for each other. Family is messy
U have a need I either can or can’t. If I can’t I can’t its ok family isn’t where everything’s fix and met
We do what we can
Even if I’m all wrong and ur right
Unity and community have to do w communicating its honesty character integrity, being willing to care. Its are u willing to respect me?
Great quotes from Family in Christ who are in two different states yet are my family each day. Who are.still waiting for the church to make room for difference and take down its walls that say this is what ok looks like
Rules are meant tools not to be shut out difference
25 Geniuses That Changed The World And Why They Were Crazy
Posted by Sameen, Updated on May 20, 2015
From holding their pee until they died to jump off of buildings wearing wooden wings, these are 25 geniuses that changed the world and why they were crazy.
Thomas Edison
crazy geniuses
He invented a lot of stuff…ok, we know, Tesla invented it…but anyway, he did some famous things one of which included electrocuting an elephant to prove that Tesla’s AC current was more dangerous than his. Or so they say. While Edison was crazy and he hated to sleep, he actually had nothing to do with executing Topsy the elephant. And now that we’ve gotten our myth-dispelling fun fact out of the way, on to the rest of our mad scientists.
Ilya Ivanovich Ivanov
crazy geniuses
This Russian biologist was famous for creating animal hybrids. His madness came to a peak when Stalin ordered him to create a race of slave ape-men who would serve communist Russia. He ended up inseminating several monkeys with human semen although none of them became pregnant. Or so they say.
Sidney Gottlieb
crazy geniuses
An American military psychiatrist with a Ph.D. in chemistry, Sidney had some crazy ideas in his day. He was the man responsible for the idea to fill Castro’s shoes with thallium to make his beard fall out.
Robert Chesebrough
crazy geniuses
Not only did he invent vaseline, he ate it every single day.
Paul Erdős
Paul Erdős
This Hungarian mathematician was so devoted to his work that he never married and lived out of a suitcase. At the end of his life, he had published about 1,500 papers.
Alexander Bogdanov
This Russian doctor was so obsessed with finding the secret of eternal youth (typically through blood transfusions) that one day he unknowingly injected himself with the blood of a student who was suffering from malaria. Alexander died, but ironically enough, the student survived.
Henry Winstanley
crazy geniuses
An English engineer famous for designing the first lighthouse of Eddystone, he was so confident in his work that he decided to stay in the lighthouse whenever there was a storm. In November of 1703 England witnessed just how misplaced his confidence was as the lighthouse crashed to the ground during a storm with the eccentric inventor inside.
Franz Reichelt
Known as the “flying Taylor” this Frenchman was an early paratrooper pioneer who dedicated himself to finding a way for soldiers to survive falls from airplanes. After a few test flights with dummies being thrown out of windows, he decided to go all out and jumped off the Eiffel Tower wearing his invention. Unfortunately, the results were not life-sustaining.
Buckminster Fuller
The architect famous for creating the geodesic dome only slept 2 hours a night and wore three watches so he could keep track of time in different time zones.
Leo Fender
While he invented the Telecaster and Stratocaster guitars he allegedly couldn’t play a single chord.
Robert Oppenheimer
Robert Oppenheimer
A brilliant physicist who was fluent in eight languages and had trouble understanding the limitations of others, Robert apparently once asked a colleague, Leo Nedelsky, to prepare a lecture for him out of a textbook. Leo came back confused and told him the book was in Dutch to which Robert replied, “But it’s such easy Dutch!”
Abu Nasr Isma’il ibn Hammad Al-Jawhari
crazy geniuses
Apart from the crazy name, this guy authored an Arabic dictionary that contained 40,000 words. His real claim to fame, however, came when he jumped off a building with wooden wings. There were no survivors.
Andrew Jackson
Besides his tactical genius on the battlefield, this American president was a bit off his rocker. He was known to get into so many duels and gunfights that some friends claimed he would cough up blood on a regular basis.
Werner Heisenberg
The famous German theoretical physicist basically invented the famous uncertainty equations of quantum mechanics but when he was asked during his doctoral dissertation about how a battery works, he had no idea.
Sergei Bryukhonenko
Responsible for creating the first life support machine, Sergei is known for keeping a severed dog’s head alive for several minutes. Why? He needed to test his machine and even back then humans were generally off limits for such things.
Samuel Morse
In spite of developing Morse Code, Samuel was a bit crazy. He came to the conclusion that Blacks, Jews, Catholics, and the entire country of Austria were out to destroy America. Ironically, his invention facilitated global interconnectivity and therefore immigration as well.
Rudolf Diesel
After inventing the diesel engine he committed suicide because he thought his invention wouldn’t be successful.
William Chester Minor
crazy geniuses
An American surgeon who was responsible for adding most of the example quotations to the original Oxford Dictionary. The crazy part? He did this while in an insane asylum because he had killed somebody in a bout of paranoia. His incarceration gave him plenty of time to think of example sentences though.
Richard Feynman
Known for his work on the Manhattan Project, Richard was also a notorious prankster. He would spend his free time picking locks and cracking safes around the premises to show how easy it would be to break in somewhere (ironic considering he worked in such a secure environment). He also became fluent in Mayan and learned how to throat sing.
Yoshiro Nakamatsu
The Japanese inventor responsible for the CD, DVD, and digital watch documents every single thing he eats in order to fulfill his passion of living to be exactly 144 years old and apparently not a second more.
Oliver Heaviside
Oliver Heaviside
The British mathematician was known as an eccentric who placed huge granite blocks around his house and went for long periods of time-consuming nothing but milk.
Henry Cavendish
Although he basically discovered hydrogen, Henry had notoriously bad social skills and sat at home all day. His discoveries weren’t found out until nearly 100 years after his death by James Maxwell and by that time other people had made pretty much all of his discoveries and received the credit.
Tycho Brahe
Tycho Brahe
This Danish astronomer is famous for staying at the table during a banquet in Prague even though he needed to pee. Unfortunately, he ended up developing a kidney stone and dying.
Nikolai Tesla
Nikolai Tesla
After building a high-frequency oscillator he invited Mark Twain over because Mark was having digestive issues. He told Mark to stand on the machine and about 90 seconds later Mark ran for the bathroom. Nikolai later remarked that he had shaken the poop out of Mark Twain.
Besides the Pythagorean Theorem, one of his great ideas was that beans were so bad for you that they should not be eaten or touched. Legend has it that he was chased from his house by attackers and after coming to a bean field he chose to face his death rather than cross it.

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