What is the glory of your Love Father?

rapture_by_chrissiecoolWhat is the glory of your Love Father?
Open my heart to feel your heavenly rain to fall upon the shine of your reflection on my face.
Face to face we stand
Sweet breath of Love
The King of all Kings stands before me
Breathless wonder
Fog of glory that captures me Devine
I have walked the path of broken stones laid before me
I have gazed at the awesomeness of your mystery
I have tasted all that the world has to offer
But still, nothing compares with one moment of your love flowing through me
The vibrations of your love consumes me with your fire
The freshness of your rain washes over me
Feel it
Taste it as it pours in exuberance tickling me in my heart w.the delight of he smile
He’s playful yet profound
My mind is of no use in this place on its own
But melted into him
There’s more
Stretching realities till all heavens dreams flow through the cortex in my skull
Intangible no more
Gravity being defied
The very same one that causes my feet to be hooked to the ground keeping me from the air
Says open your wings, released, unhooked
He blows his breath
The wind comes like in like melted chocolate in a fountain
I am His fruit
He dips me covering me in The sweetness
His beauty Divine behind the woman is the girl and she dances she swirls she flows.
The veil didn’t evaporate
It was torn from a window to a door.
Like the minds ability to reach the soul.
action emotion behavior
Why are you all what we see
Open the eyes of our hearts
From bad and good
To what really always.was is and is to be
No more looking for my bad guy
My heart to love so free
No need to know the why
I’ve found the who
He’s has become my why
My love gift to such an anointed one of love
trust is my gift to you, my King
The one who takes me so far up above
What is love
What is love
What is love
It was the ring I wore around my neck
It was my quest before I was much more than a speck
The who
The what
The why
The how
We’re there the song mystery sang to me
Daring me to become free
Slave girl chains and rags galore
Sleeping in dark places on someone’s floor
Roaming the world unconnected
Not attached to this thing called love
What is it
How do you find it
Why won’t you come to me
Roaming watching
Following doing
Love will you come to me
Why have you escaped me
How have you evaded me
I call out into the.dark Love are you there?
Will you find me today?
Echos in the hallway
Doors upon doors
Handles all hot
Dare not touch
Sizzle of my flesh
Not the way to love
Look here
Look there
Then hope deflates
Too many years deferred
Flat on my face
I look above
Arms wide open my chest beating faster than it can
No love this great I’ve seen in the face of men
Saying yes to this
Show me the way of your love
The end is where you’ll find your

It’s an upside down fairytale

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