Society is Mentally ill not me

27973433_2024621631195169_8038765360132628475_nSociety is Mentally ill Not Me

I have a funny story to share.
God told me He would give me disability 6 years ago as a provision to apply so I did. they said I would get torn apart by the judge but I said to the lawyer no My God said I would walk right in and get it. They said no-no dear.
Of course, that’s exactly what happened.
So this year when I almost lost it, I thought ok its multiplication time YES! Opportunity shall finally come!
But no opportunity came to me, so I knew I was to continue to write, BE and listen. So I have.
I had to go to a review by a shrink to keep my SSI. It didn’t make sense because I get it for autoimmune issues and autism, which cracks me up (autism is what made me lots of cash autism means really, really  gifted not mentally ill)
So I was like oh great here we go.
I go in and the guy starts to ask me some questions.  I said ok wait we need to pause.
I’m Linda nice to meet you.
First, we must connect. I need to know who you are.
Do you know I told him on paper I look like a nut?
So if you are going to write on paper I am a nut, I need to know you first. You see, I am a woman of faith and you will not be able to chart me. My God is alive in me and He really isn’t chartable. So I figure if we are to do this dance, the God of the universe must be reaching out and talking to you cause He talks to me every day.

So that is where we started. He smiled very unsure of what to say next.   I said don’t worry I’m not crazy, your safe with me.So He started off with do you hear voices?
I said oh here we go.
Is that really a fair question?
I mean what do you qualify as voices?
Have you studied the latest neurological studies in natural psychiatry which focus on more of science fact perspective and not the junk science algorithm that modern neurology has dismissed and not true? I am waiting for the science side psychiatry to become so loud the grip on society is loosened and we go from prescribed zombies saturated in pain to free and alive productive people. It will be nice but we need God for that.

So are you referring to a thought? Also, Howard Gardners multi-intelligence states, are you familiar with Howard Gardner’s research on the smarts and multi-intelligence, the ways we learn, process and are all smart differently? His theories talk about sensory being a gift, and that some actually process auditory so Does that constitute a voice?
And then, of course, we are trying to go to the mars to live in another dimension. You would as a scientist, which I assume a psychiatrist is in some sorts, I mean would not be able to argue that if physics says that time and the universe is not one dimensional and we are in fact trying to go colonize in another time and space in another demention, You would agree that to still pretend that sounds and frequencies and light and dark matter don’t exist and that if you hear voices as you call them, it’s really irresponsible to play both sides and tell people they aren’t hearing anything and they are crazy dont you?
This is such a loaded question to really set me up so can you please elaborate what you quantify as voices so I can better answer what you are attempting to ask me?

oh and as far as voices Go, does it count if its God.
I mean everyone knows we can hear God? You know that right? Cause I can’t deny my God or that I hear him. no no I can’t. not even for cash. I do hear God? Does God count?
He told me you’re a nice guy and to be myself which usually can be dangerous in a shrink’s office.
He smiled.
I said, His voice says you know him but His voice is water moving within me, more sensory though it could be audible.
you know him.
He said nothing.

He said next question
I said ok that’s fair. I’m glad were skipping that without clarification cause I can’t lie, I’ve not aligned with lies only truth. Words are very important you know. they aren’t empty pretty poems. they care frequencies and vibrations and open up possibilities of actually tangible matter. Have you seen the icetray experiments or perhaps dived into chromatics of sound? Its fascinating whats packed in one word, oh if we only knew wed watch what we say.

He said well Do you see things that aren’t there?  I said are you really asking that question?
I think we covered that with the voices.
WHat quantifies as there or not there. Are you asking me if I agree with Einstein or Plank or Moses or Elijah that there is a seen and an unseen or are you asking me to pretend every scientist and evangelist I ever heard of is crazy and if you can’t see it it’s not there.
ANd when God says He wants to heal someone I see and feel the fire from my hands? Does that count if they get healed? I think that proves something is there even if you cant see it. Even scientist measure results as a factor of truth. I had 5 kids. Before sonograms, I couldn’t see them till they were born, does that mean they weren’t there. They sure cost a lot and ate a lot and made a lot of messes and they aren’t always kind to me. I’m pretty sure they are real. Last time I checked they were but I couldn’t always see them.

What do all these questions have to do with if I can work?
Is it a problem with working because I’m really smart?
Or is it that I’m really gifted?
Why do we have to chart people like cows rating them how much money we can squeeze out of them as their sign of worth?
Here’s the truth, when I was wealthy I had assistants. I bought people to help me. Now I gave away all my money things and cars as God asked me to so I could testify in a trail and help 497 children I will never know.  God the one I saw and heard told me there would be a trial and it turns out it, it was God and I wasn’t crazy.  You know the God that is misrepresented as a big universal bully,  that many say isn’t real there, yes that God, Well He appeared,  I don’t know what else to tell you. He is God He can do that.  He asked me to help people and so I did only and now I have no money and can’t pay people to be in my life. So I’m stuck.
People tell me everyday Ill pray for you or here’s 5$ and a bag of dried milk?  Who eats dried milk anyway?  I think they are the ones with the mental problem. I don’t know how they can’t see that they have a mother, father, sister brother friends and God to help them anytime they get a flat tire. Me I have God. I think it’s insane to think that I could rise up my entire life on my own and suddenly be what God himself didn’t subject himself too. DO you think if God had people we need them too or do you think I’m supposed to be above God? I’m not sure why everyone expects me to do more than God did. Religion calls that self-idolatry but I call that stupidity or mental illness. ITs called forget how to be human. it’s our nations sickness and our worlds.
Did you know the animal kingdom takes care of each other? I watch the animals and learn from them. they know God more than most in the church. If I could do it again Id asks GOd to be a lion-like him.

Ok next question
This is a test to test your comprehension.

Oh, brother test.
Why tease? What will this test tell you about me?
WIll you test me; in the way I learn or in the way I process information? I’m a hands-on learner and I’m autistic?
Oh, you have a mental health diagnosis?
Mental health?   Since when is being really smart and seeing what others can’t see mentally ill?
WHy is it because I see in motion picture and I feel light move and sound vibrate I’m mentally ill?
That made no sense.
You are a man are you mentally ill because you cant give birth?
That’s illogical, right?
Ya so too is your testing me in your way of thinking, in your way of communicating then rating me for it; but Ok I’ll play the game, I’m humble

Ok here goes the question
What do a rose and a tulip have in common? Oh, that’s so easy. this is fun.
He says ok surprised by my answer.
I say Well the rose reminds me of Jesus He is the rose of Sharon, beauty He is. But the answer to your question is a straightforward one. A rose and a tulip both like everything else in all of the creation grow from the inside out. Like the Fibonacci sequence or everything in outer space and even the shells in the ocean and us humans that’s how we learn and exist from the inside out.

He said okay  I think I have all I need.
I said but that was just one question?
That’s a short test?
He said I want you to know I am going to recommend you keep your disability.
I said Did you find me mental or nuts?
He said no not at all
but I have one more question for you
I said ok My word is my bond its above my name like Gods so go ahead I said Id answer and cooperate.
He said Did anyone ever the tell you that you have an uncanny gift of taking any question and turning into an explanation of how the foundation of the universe was created and operates?
Oh I said, that’s not me
that the voice that you asked if I heard.
It sounds like me but it’s not.
and that’s the God you ask if I see that’s not really unseen but well maybe is unseen in a way.
He’s right here with us.
thank You for seeing him and thank you for hearing Him
He thinks you’re great He says.
We shook hands and that is how I endured my psychiatric eval
God says I passed so that’s good enough for me.
I behaved. I never mention demons, time travel, the supernatural. We had a good time. He said He enjoyed meeting me. He smiled and said Oh you’ll keep your disability. It’s your turn. write that book and stay alive

I almost forgot my favorite part.
I told him Look I’m not against what you do here. But I tried your psychiatry. I took all your pills believe your grim reality from an algorithm that looked at the effects of lack of love in a world that ravished my body. I tried their sitting in therapy with other rejected shut out hopeless people who were told to shut up accept you’re a victim or not depending on the style of yuck being sold, and tried to live the prescription of delayed death till your die after a life of torture and it wasn’t for me. So God taught me how to see the unseen and how to hear the unheard. He taught me how to align my Spirit being, my chemical existence, my biological existence, my natural existence, and back to my spiritual existence which comes from him true him and ends with him.

I am alive healthy and full and I’m simply waiting for my  world to open up and for the others in my world to see I have more to offer them than an opportunity for them to feel better about themselves by taking pity on me but actually partnering with me and my God to be the Body of Christ. ITs a long wait. Jesus has waited for over 2000 years so He’s waited longer.

It’s sad that I was gifted and championed when I had loads of cash and without it no one visits or invites me over. I think that made God sad not me crazy or broken. It’s the world that’s broken not me. I’m not disabled just disadvantaged cause I have no people in my life. I’m tired of being told society’s losing their human makes me mentally ill. What if I were your daughter? or your wife? Would you still just hit like on Facebook or pray for me? Or would you bring me a blanket and say Hey lets partner with an idea, we can build and Then you can dream too. Or would you just be like the rest of the world and watch me drowned and hand me a sandwich and a 5 dollar bill and go home and eat your feast and call me mentally ill? Who is really mentally ill here? Society’s mentally ill, not me.

Together we are and will always be! Awaken​ us to love together until we​ find free!

Together we are together
Not going deep but going wide
hand by hand with one another
side by side with my brother
and one with a God who doesn’t quit
who broke the bridal and took away the bit.
Ride away white horse
ride through the clouds of air
carry me higher
in the universe high up
we fly through the stars of heaven
and the earth below
over up away and through we go
Freer than free is God exploding thru me,
washing the water
flooding away
from the dark horsemen the riders of the night.
The ones cause the war I am to fight.
Liars of Religion you are
Dare to speak the doom of a God of love
who extends His hand from up above
THis GOd of love who says
Let’s unite
the only way to fight
is together
in Him
TOgether in love
love in action
is the God of compassion
He is the one who says
brother sister mother
father and friend
Let’s begin to mend
Says the one who  says
put down your sword
Don’t you fight!
Let me show you
the way through
As if the brother standing next to you
was ever separated from God or you
The light of God is the heart of Love
it’s seeing what is good in another
It’s being willing to take a chance
when you might lose it all
just so another doesn’t fall
it’s Love
It’s light
it’s truth
it’s victory
living inside of you
inside of me
together we are
oneness its true
My God in me
and my God in you
stop looking up
as if the clouds haven’t already begun to speak
if rain falls down
then what can we say?
Maybe to our maker there is another way
THere is
THere is
He is the treasure buried
hidden inside of you.
Why do you run and look to another
for the answers that you seek
He is found in the humble-hearted and the meek
He is found in the beggar
the child crying out to you
Be wise to listen to the birds of the air
for the GOd that you seek
is int he molecules of air
He’s in the trees
and buzzes with the honey bees
He is in the business merger
the one that says Ill give not just take
and he is with the wanderer
who doesn’t sleep at night
He’s in the watchmen who pray and walk the streets at night
He is in both the teacher and the student
He is the maker and the shaker and even the taker so give more
give till its all on the floor
and there is nothing left to hold on to for your dear life
He is in the moments of contention
and yes He is in the whirlwinds of strife
He is
He is
and He will always be the God of victory
I found in Christ in me
He is in the liberal
He is in even the confounded deaf and blind
He is even in the one
afraid to take a chance
He is the Lord of all the dance
He is the worker who slaves all day
and He is the one who waits on destinies door
with hands held out saying of you, I want more
He is the scientist
even the ones who got it all wrong
He is  the rockstar
the one who in the waves is tossed
for a song of God, cant be lost
Emerge He will
Cant place him locked down on a window sill
He is greater than your biggest dought
and He greater than the effects of any pill
He is and He will always be God alive in humanity
He made a way
It is His day
It always was and will always be
FOr God came down to melt into the beauty of humanity
So as much as we fight quarrel
He provides the nuts for the squirrel
and even though humanity has forgotten its face
and even though contempt seems more rapid than grace
Don’t discount the GOd of now
DId you think He forgot He is GOD somehow
Arise to hope
Arise to loves call
and join together
with all of humanity
who cries out to the picture of God
that in their minds’ eyes they see
and yet you grab your stage to talk
as if you understood their walk
put down your follow me
throw away your looking glass
oh Mr, Minister man
who thinks He can
Don’t you know  your words we can not follow
for your pride, you have yet to swallow
There is one who is so near
and there is one who is so dear
He isn’t more in you than me
He is awakening all of humanity
awaken not to look at me
not to sing my song and you’ll be free
no, my God is so much greater than this
He is and He will be and He doesn’t need your help
so stop all your whining like a dog you squelch
Be still
Be still
shh hush don’t say a word
Let the spirit move
feel heavens grove
He says I will do the talking from here
to now and even then
FOr in the hearts of man
I dwell again
ITs a new day
God has come to  meet humanity
no more look like me
from the mouthpiece they say is God
He speaks a roaring thunder
He says go low,  Let his presence be
what you’re under
He is one with the broken hearted
or don’t  you yet know?
the ones who proclaim with their trumpets and flare
 they say, Look unto me
I will be the one who is there?
they wear  the chains of religion
and they offer you shame
But the Lion of Judah has turned the tides
and parted the red seas
He alone carries your victory
It’s a new day,  He’s taking back his NAME
I call from the north
I call out for victory
not liking this site
that in the distance I see
Lords of the storm alive in me
what do you show me?
what is this I see?
The dark horse w its riders of strife
and doom death and dismay
on the mountain
 ready to yell charge
But wait there is another story.
No need to run or chase after heavens glory.
The white horse takes to flight.
Up up and away He carries you.
Wind of winds and song of songs He is
He is in this place
In this race
Arise to the new day which has kissed the morn of dawn
Are u ready for heavens debut
It starts with you
Awaken to the kiss of love
No longer looking for a God above
Though above He sits on the Throne of Most High
He is the diamond in your eye
Awaken awaken
Oh bride its true
The king of kings has come to wed with you
No more searching high and low
It’s over under through we go
Through the suffers
Through all that’s insane
Through the sins of men distain
Through the blood that never stains
Through the wrenching pain
Soar high light a plane
Let him carry you
And steam engine locomotive to the sky
Take the Holy Spirit Express
Its all in heavens time
It cost The Father more than a dime
Will u join heavens rhythm
Be undone
Undone in who we are in Him
And who we are as one

wrapped up in Victory…​ I found in me


A heart filled with wonder


what would a world feel like

if they remembered me

if I could dance and sing

and celebrate all they sing

if the song they proclaim

they extended to me

if their freedom was for me

I have my freedom

I sing of it all day and night

I watch the birds greet each new day

I watch the trees dance

they greet me each day

the wind and the waves

the flow through me

like the one who is and is to come

the fire for the kiss

that burns in my heart

breaks the dry grounds that cracks at my feet

I carry your love my GOd to the streets

walk with me a hand in hand

take me through the fire

let it not burn or consume me

I am ablaze with your love

I am saturated with the beauty of you

dancing girl

dancing girl

fly free

lighten up my heart oh God

taek me deeper farther than my mind can dream

take me past the still waters

your patures and stream

relaease to me

release to me

release to me

taht I amy know you love

where ever it is I go

let me see the beauty of who I am

let me know the wonder of how I take you’re breathe away

let me know you closer than closer

deeper that deep

the heartbeat of humanity and my Ogd a love in me

Bring us together heart to heart

and breath to breathe

no more tears

no more pain

let it all go down the drain

Be the shining light

be the shining grace

illuminate  my face

THen the night breaks and a new dawn has begun

IT is raining heavens glory

time to tell the full story.

I am in you Jesus, I will follow where you lead.

You carry my feet, you create my thoughts, you move my heart,

you set my eyes ablaze full of love

and wonder and awe and you give my hands what they need to hold,

you are my ears, you are my wind, you are the fire within me that I cannot contain.

WIll I follow you?

We are one.

SO where your feet say to go my feet go.

WHere you heart says love, my heart beats and breaks with yours for all of humanity and then in a moment..

I hand it all to you.

WIll I follow ….we are one?

WHere you go I am and as you are I will be

because we are not two or three five six or seven.

I see victory my King of Kings,

It’s inside of me

my Lord of Lords you are

the GOd of numbers,

the God of letters,

the God of pictures.

You are.

and we are.

and you will always be

and we will always be.

Will I follow?

every breath that is in me is yours.

SO breathe your breathe

and move my feet

and capture my heart all over again.

Until I know without a single doubt

that you are

as I am

as we will always

be wrapped up in your victory

for all of humanity.





Rainbow colors of oneness we are


Rainbow colors of light we are

You cant take out the red, orange or blue

we become a promise together

don’t you know its true

Raindrops falling on my heart so long

Just a dreaming girl

Am I purple?

Am I green?

When will with the other colors with their beauty I get to gleam

I see you shinning so brilliantly up high with in the sky

But my prism of wonder you don’t want to keep?

I don’t know why

don’t you know that colors of light

shine and radiant together?

I sit here waiting for you

My rainbow colors

of which I am always part

for you to awaken to the promise we are together

I sit here up in my cloud here in the sky

knowing alone cant

is never true

that is why

humanity oneness

I miss you

my rainbow colors

near me I cant ye yet see

scattered echoes of light in the vast vast dark of night

but here from  the inside out

I remember I am one

with the promise of light

so I am not afraid of the night

and though I am yet still one

with the one who was and is and is to be

my heart still wants to be connected with  humanity

with a heart full of roses

thorns pierce my fingers

the light within me drops to the ground

rainbow colors is what I bleed

One drop for the poor

who sit at heavens door

one drop for the one who has yet to be crowned with love

who  misery has spoken can I have this  dance

and one drop for those who were told

that they lost their last chance

here’s another one for you

for you, I bleed two

One drop for the one who thinks He is what He  does

its never enough and it will never be

you cant earn your place in history

I bleed a drop for you Mr task man

Heres to you

the masterpiece

buried treasure

hidden behind the mask

in the face, you hide

for don’t you know even beloved even

Jesus cried.

Colors of light

Rainbow glory from the one who Is and will always be

One with humanity

Let He who has ears to hear

Let He who has eyes to see

come alive in wonder

I’ve laid my life down for humanity

but they don’t want to play with me

I’m one with the One who IS

My legs Following in oneness

step by step with the Risen King

melted into THE ONE who is LIGHT


my promise

drop by drop as my heart does break

it’s true

because I cant one with being one

without you

I’m not heavens clone

we are one

all of the creation

that is the untold story

so lay down your every worry

hand and hand we rise

one by one  well stand

in the hands of Love

the author

the finisher

The one who is and will always be

everything inside of me

Do you know He is everything

He lives inside of you?

were are one

In intercessory prayer

I cry away tears of despair

in this place of ecstatic bliss

joy comes alive

In my heart,

In oneness with my brother

I hold each hand

even though  on this earth

they will not extend

a hand to me

and in this place of heaven

I will sing with the band

I will build castles of sand

I’m in my  promise land

and we will be together

mother father daughter and child

running with the horses  majestic and wild

I will walk into the boardroom and lay for them a plan

and ill say in just the right words so they will understand

one by one we will join

seeing the gifts through heavens eyes

only oneness of together

together one will be

this is the picture of free

you cant have oneness without me

shards of light I cry

a rainbow promises from the sky

for the heart of humanity

tis my heart

tis my heartbeat

that they would smile again

and remember the joy in together

that they would dance in wonder

not be held down dragged down under

that heavens kiss be found today

not in a building

not in a song

not in a book

not in a service

‘but in the heart of Love

and in one another

falling falling

let me be the paintbrush of you my God

religion must die for love to arise

no more seeing what is broken

why can we together just live

does the bird speak words to the air

You must carry me?

Does it submit a formal request

Or does the synergy of all that is

whisper in the ears of all that is

do not you fret or worry

about what you can

with your eyes see

swimming in the ocean, the waves carry me to and fro

lost in the vastness of expansion

earth wind fire and breath

with all that I am

with all that I will ever be

I sit here right now

wondering when the hands of time will once again begin

when my daughter could play with another

and id be more than just a mother

just a mother whats that even mean

as if I was and will never be

anything other than the title given to me

sing sing sing another song

let the trumpets of glory begin to play

I am I am I am with all I will ever be

waiting for opportunity

waiting for oneness

waiting to join the rainbow of promise with all of the creation

for all of the eternity


A walk in the Hands of Time


A walk in the hands of Time
Awakened to head cold again?
No THE ONE of LIGHT paid my due.
Light of Lights, my Jesus who is is light and  love alive in me
Have your way
Then the closet door moves ever so slowly and it’s my teenager grabbing my shirt hanging in my closet. There’s just one.
Oh, I see you but more than that I felt the sneak u walked in and told him to go.
That’s my shirt I say.
Hang your clothes and you’ll have lots to wear.
Attitude tempts me getting shot at me like a volleyball
Then I remember
She’s beautiful beyond measure.
That devil wants me to start my day in a funk
Afflictions must go
Assignments canceled
They won’t last in heavens flow
I’m in heaven w God even in this place
With body ache
And respect forsook
Arise, arise
I turn the dial
So tired of this
Wait a little while
To feel good
That’s just too insane
I’m not insanity
And insanity has no part in me
So look show me your face
Let your presence fill this place
Where your promises are found
Under the rainbow
the shattered glass
Where the proud walk on
And the beggars of this life
by nature
Still fast
Awaken awaken awaken
The time has come tick tock
Jesus the face of the clock
W Eyes of fire and thunder
Hands of time burning up yesterday
Father time has let the coo coo bird sing
Are u?
Are you?
Where will love find you?

Will you  be collecting sapphires and opals for your treasure chest                                        don’t you know what u sew  you reap                                                                                         Buried treasures in the street                                                                                                     Hidden in the brokness of man

There is only one I Am
Yet you think they can?
Do it just do it
I heard someone whiper in my ear
In this place of wonder and magesty
Do what i cried out
A room so dark I couldnt see
Mouse in the clock
Gears spinning round
Oh keeper of time
The beauiful one w fire in His face
I step into your time
My life has no reason
My life has no rhyme
Seconds spin backwards
minutes spin forward on
But life happens
Here and now
In this moment
In this happenstance
Drenched in heavens glance
Inside the Clock of ages
Where its always stays the same
Distractions fall
The wind swirls more
Falling free falling
Mercy and grace
Hands of time hold me
Just do it
Just do it
He means let go.
Who says God can’t stop time
Spoke way too soon.
He is the one who gave crators
to the moon
He Holds the wind up key
Tick tock
Tick tock
Its a new day


The moment we understand there literally is no separation every paradigm shifts. Its why the world is broken. Or is it just believing the illusion of separation, the concept alone?
You are the tree of life? Lord what the mean.
Beyond words. Show me each vine, each root, each branch, each leaf, each succulent, each tiny seed, each piece of bark, each nest, each gravel of dirt that hugs it, each woodpecker that adorns it. Each heart of man that shades spot has found. Show the bees of wonder and the ants asunder. Show me the wind that causes the leaves to dance. Oneness with you we are. What that really means if u hold the universe heavens and earth below.
We really one woven together if only they’d know we could all sing the victory dance together like creation was intended one

Wise Old Oak Tree what Do you see?


Wise Oak Tree
What do you see
Up in your branches so tall
Will you let your wisdom on us fall
The leaves start to rumble
I hear a mighty roar
The wind begins to stir
Visions of angels
Off in a blur
This what I heard from the Wise Oak Tree
He says the path to understanding
I will show you if you follow me
See what I see
Hear my sound
Let your thoughts of you
Fall to the ground
Let the story begin
But remember I hold the win

Open heavens glance,                                                                                                                 window handle begins to crank                                                                                                     the pane of forever and the sill of yesterday is not more                                                        what we see is but a glance                                                                                                        nothing left to chance

IT is not meaningless, this thing you call your pain                                                                    each moment is as its light like my leaves                                                                                 every trial that you face                                                                                                                      it is as  meaningful as the sun is to the day                                                                                    and the rain that plays its symphony                                                                                                on the hard dry ground                                                                                                                    drip drop drip drop                                                                                                                           do you hear heavens sound                                                                                                                                        Calling you out of the rubble                                                                                                    where distraction builds it nest and says keep your treasures to yourself                               no no no wrong way sign  if you look to the trees who give your air                                                     in  oneness breath is simply always there                                                                                        no need to scurry no need to worry                                                                                                each new day   glory brings                                                                                                            but what do I see                                                                                                                            when I close my eye and sit with the owl and watchmen of the night                                           I shall show you what I see

Shut down
Break down
A Disconnected
Take the bark off the dog
The meow from the kitty
The honey from the hive
Strip the trees
Suck the oil from the core
Give me more more more
Take take take
shes of pain
Humanities lost in loveless distain
Broken to the core
No more children dancing
Opportunity squandered from the poor                                                                                 
Dreams of wonder fall like acorns from the sky                                                                             yet somehow humanity forgot that together is how we sew
The wind needs the waves and the bat needs the caves                                                            the lightning needs the Whats up is down
And round and round we go
But heavens not left the earth                                                                                                                              

Or don’t u know
There is a tree
Whos roots are pure
And through this vine
We are once again humankind
Connected we are
Connected we shall always be
That’s why u should care about whats happening w me
So separate u think u are
No no no it will never be
Not in this place
While the hands of time still tick
From tick to tock
We go
Together as one
Like it or not
We are all one
Never separate
Says the wise Oak Tree

The gift of music and the dance of intercession music box dancer dances again


The gift of music and the dance of intercession, music box dancer dances again!

Music. We get to enjoy the frequencies of heaven right here. The beauty as it melts into us, releasing the goodness of a God who is so passionately in love with us.I can feel him move through my body like a wave of glory as I hear each note. I am a storm of his love. I am an ocean of his passion I am a tsunami of his fire and I am a whirlwind of his life a torch a wildfire a shimmering sparkle that brightens the night with an amber glow

the beauty of beauties
kiss of mercy
dressed with grace
crowned with splendor
anointed lips of truth
dripping with oil
ready to burst in fragrant of eternity
dewdrop of heaven
the Fathers tear draws near
collected in His alabaster jar
we wait for you
we wait for that moment
when your presence
ignites a wave of peace
a rainfall of wonder
all over the world
sons and daughters awake
arise from their slumber
brokenhearted no more
heavens gates are open
hinges off the door
the father to the fatherless has opened up will call
with open arms the promise
he holds your victory
father to the fatherless
it is on you that we call
diamond on my finger
you said the real ones within my eye
the light of God I carry
sparkles light up the room
I am a city on a hill
won’t you dance with me
begin to move your feet
for glory shall invade the street
the song that sets the captives free
the song of victory
laying on the city streets
amongst the rocks and rubble
some say she’s a mess
others call her trouble
but I know a different story
of this girl of stars and wonder
who carries heaven within her heart
who knows the end and  waits for a start
if it comes she says Ill dance so bright
and it does not, well  it’s not her fight
for shes marked by heaven in a different way
while grown ups work to make themselves big
she walks the streets of pain alone
and of her life, she chose to give
following the footsteps of heaven
following the waters within her that move
dancing to a different groove
this daughter who dances with the King
the ONE
that author of everything
Father of the Fatherless
CInderellas not who you think she is                                                                         transparency is her slipper glass
rags are royally
and gold is not just made of mass
There are angels among us
Oh don’t you know its true
in the most peculiar places
standing right in front of you
compassion in action
gives you more gifts than you dare to give
and in a place of surrender
you will find the life you dreamed you would
Heavens upside down
please hear these words I heard her say
God is love in action
which is called compassion
I learned that a night I went to give
but instead, I found a new way to live
in the eyes of an angel
reflecting heavens light
dressed in the rags of humanity
tending to the weak
Heaven comes to those who with a pure heart
seek the heart of Jesus
and we shall feel their prayers
burdens shared intercession cry
flow of all flow
a Fathers love
and heaven replies
and without a word
but with hands of love
and wings of the dove
that speak the language of love
crying out for love no more
shall the city streets of gold be
diamonds scattered and city streets
where heaven and earth meet

nickels in cans

bags to keep your dry

tears have fallen from


but none shall you keep not  any longer shall you weep

for the hand that holds you

has heard your plea

and as the music plays

you will sing the song

sweet surrender